Lisa Robin Kelly of ‘That ’70s Show’ Died Due to Multiple Drug Intoxication

Lisa Robin Kelly of 'That '70s Show, Died Due to Multiple Drug Intoxication

Lisa Robin Kelly of That ’70 Show died due to multiple drug intoxication, says the Los Angeles County coroner’s department in a statement released on Friday. She was the troubled actor who played the role of Laurie Forman in the Fox comedy. She died at the age of 43 back in August of last year after she entered a rehab facility.

Kelly played Eric Forman’s older sister on the show and passed away on August 15, 2013 while she was staying at the rehab clinic. Sadly that recent stint had been followed by a long history of both legal and substance abuse troubles. Any other details about her death from the coroner’s department were scarce, apart from the fact that her deadly intoxication was caused by oral ingestion, and that the manner of her death was indeed ruled to an accidental overdose.

The Los Angeles coroner’s report requires more time for transcription, so it was not yet available for the public. Her autopsy was performed immediately after she died but it was unable to identify the exact reason why she died. The coroner had to wait until toxicology results came in to discover why she passed away for sure. It was also not released exactly which drugs were found in Kelly’s system.

Just a couple days before she died, Kelly had been put in the hospital with a shockingly high alcohol level of .34 percent. That level is so high that it can sometimes cause death. Even with the hospital stay, Kelly’s press agent had stated that in the days before the actress died, she had started to feel confident and hopeful. Lisa had freely checked herself into the treatment facility early the week that she died, after she had been released from the hospital. She had finally admitted she was battling addiction problems which had have plagued her for the past few years. The agent said that Lisa was finally looking forward to putting this sad part of her life behind her. However she ended up losing the battle.

Before Kelly entered rehab, she had been through an extremely difficult period in her life. She was replaced by another person on That ’70s Show when the series’ had its sixth season, Kelly ended up making headlines for disturbed behavior in the months that preceded her death. She was arrested in November of 2012 for allegedly attacking her husband, and had also been charged with physical injury of a spouse even earlier that year in the spring.

She denied the March assault against her husband, and all charges against her were ultimately dropped. Around this time Kelly told a morning talk show host that she had starting drinking heavily and developed a problem with alcohol after she suffered a miscarriage.

The late actress stated that she had lost a baby and because of that, she ended up losing everything. She stated she started abusing alcohol, but that she no longer done that. Kelly stated that she had been sober for three months at the time she did the morning show interview. She added that with That ’70s Show, she was guilty of having the drinking problem and at that time she tried to run away. She stated that she was not running anymore, that she had paid her dues, and if she could make it through what she was enduring at the time, she could make it through anything.

Sadly, Lisa Robin Kelly was unable to make it through, dying from the multiple drug intoxication overdose.

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