Man Who Doomed America to Iraq War Writes Snarky Letter Condemning Iraq War

Ralph Nader writes letter condemning Iraq War despite having doomed America to the Iraq WarRalph Nader, whose narcissistic and doomed presidential campaign in 2000 condemned America to  the Iraq war, just wrote a scathing, snarky letter to the man he got elected about the Iraq war.

Self-described progressives eagerly took to social media accounts to share the strongly worded letter with friends, displaying no compunctions about proudly distributing a diatribe about the disastrous war written by someone who more than arguably caused it himself.

“Nader SMACKS down Dubbya on the war in Iraq!” 39-year-old political blogger Mitch Curwen commented on Twitter, his personal Facebook, and his Facebook group ‘Send Bush/Cheney to the Hague NOW,’ remaining gleefully unconcerned with Nader’s quixotic complicity in the deaths of thousands of Americans, and many times that many Iraqis, just like the other armchair activists who made the letter viral. “Practically calls Bushie a war criminal. Must read!” the blogger wrote.

In fact, though the letter is addressed to former President George W. Bush– who, let’s face it, anyone with half a brain knew would drag America into a war in the Middle East someplace long before he was elected– Nader was not replying to the President himself, but to a letter requesting donations from his Presidential Center, no doubt mail-merged with Microsoft Word to make it appear personalized by a low-level administrative assistant or unpaid intern. The accident of Nader’s name being on a mailing list somewhere gave him the opportunity to present his withering criticism of what Bush did after Nader got him elected.

“I received a request from a certain notorious former President of the United States asking for my financial support (for) his public policy center,” Nader wrote on The Huffington Post, referencing the presidency he knowingly helped bring into being as he prefaced the text of the letter he released to the press. “My response to this solicitation is below.”

The sharp, snarky wording of the letter condemning President Bush for the Iraq War was notably for its forcefulness, confrontational attitude, and a complete lack of awareness that Nader himself is the man who doomed America to Bush’s presidency.

In his letter, Nader described Iraq as “a country where over a million Iraqis, including many children and infants (remember Fallujah?) lost their lives, millions more were sickened or injured, and millions more were forced to become refugees,” showing no contrition for his own role in causing these horrors.

Later, Nader specifically addressed Bush on the matter of having seen “no recognition by you that you did anything wrong nor have you accepted responsibility,” and unbelievably did so without even the slightest trace of irony.

Seriously, no irony whatsoever.

There was no sense of Nader perceiving himself as the pot calling the kettle black as he wrote, “Your national security advisor, Condoleezza Rice, said publicly in 2012 that while ‘the arc of history’ may well turn out better for post-invasion Iraq than the present day violent chaos, she did ‘take personal responsibility’ for the casualties and the wreckage. Do you?” This lack of awareness even amid such direct language occurred despite the fact that Nader attended both Princeton’s illustrious Woodrow Wilson School and Harvard Law School.

George W. Bush was famously elected in 2000 without winning the popular vote in the closest presidential election in recent memory, with Nader running to the left of Democratic candidate Al Gore, siphoning votes away from that more viable candidate, in the certain knowledge that Nader himself could never win and was only acting as a spoiler. In over a decade since that election, Nader has unabashedly never stopped complaining about the White House administration he did more to create than any Republican political operative.

Ralph Nader closed his letter with the question, “Are you privately pondering what your invasion of Iraq did to the Iraqis and American military families, the economy and to the spread of al Qaeda attacks in numerous countries?” At press time, it is believed he never contemplated the simple word substitution of asking himself, “Mr. Nader, are you privately pondering what your unconscionable and willful hubris did to the Iraqis and American military families, the economy and to the spread of al Qaeda attacks in numerous countries?”

Al Gore did not respond publicly to news of this letter from the man who doomed America to unfettered military adventurism in the Iraq War and elsewhere, huge setbacks to civil rights and privacy, economic decline, and other unwanted consequences, but rumors were he was about to receive a snarky email from President Bill Clinton condemning his own former vice president for not winning the election by running on his legacy.


By: Jeremy Forbing


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3 Responses to "Man Who Doomed America to Iraq War Writes Snarky Letter Condemning Iraq War"

  1. Rebecca Hopper   January 6, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    The Supreme Court damned us to 8 years of King George. Once again the Repugs rewritting history to cover up their agenda to destroy our country.

  2. Harrison Lansing   January 6, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    Joseph, I think it’s pretty simple; Gore won the popular vote even with the Nader Effect. Without it, his win would have been uncontestable and Geroge Bush the Younger would have only ever set foot in the White House as a visitor.

  3. Joseph Harold Anthony   January 6, 2014 at 2:15 am

    This is complete illogical idiocy. Gore still won the popular vote, in spite of Nader’s “siphoning votes.” How, by the wildest stretch of any imagination can one conclude Nader consciously caused the Bush administration or the Iraqi war. How stupid can you get?

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