Manchester United FC Could Lose Rooney to Chelsea FC

Manchester UnitedIf negotiations fall apart, Manchester United FC could lose Wayne Rooney to Chelsea FC. According to Bob Cass of the Daily Mail, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is interested in renewing his pursuit of the Manchester United striker, since he was unable to acquire him last summer. It has been reported that Rooney has agreed to meet this month to discuss his contract, as Manchester United is wanting to dispel any perception that they may be losing the popular striker. Rooney, however, may choose to wait and see what evidence there is that the club will be adding enough talent to improve their results in the next campaign. He will undoubtedly want to see how the club ends up with respect to the Champions League berths, as well.

Rooney has a considerable amount of leverage with Manchester United, being the virtual face of the club. Rooney, and his considerable American fan base, is one of the reasons that the club is so recognizable in the United States (US) and are so often chosen for broadcast in America over other matches. No player is indispensable, however, and Manchester United could ultimately elect to lose Rooney to Chelsea rather than have him present, but unhappy.  If Mourinho and his squad continue to have the success that they are having this season, Chelsea will be an enticing prospect for him to consider.

Chelsea is not necessarily the only club who would be interested if talks between Manchester United and Rooney were to break down. Few other clubs,however, would be an attractive enough lure, either in terms of success potential or financial wherewithal. Mourinho and his differing offensive schemes may not even be a good match for Rooney, who tends to do his best with a regular partner like van Persie.

Clearly, he is talented enough to adapt to whatever may come out of the inventive imagination of Mourinho. It may prove more profitable for him to make his point with United about putting the right players on the pitch, and proceeding with what is familiar and working. While Manchester United has had its struggles this campaign, they have largely not been about any shortcoming on the part of Rooney. If he had the opportunity to play there with the right supporting pieces in place, it could be a completely different experience.

The proof of that potential would have to be convincing, however, if Rooney has to watch Chelsea march to the top of the table this year. Rooney has time, despite the sense of urgency that United have placed on resolving the matter. It will not be until this summer that he enters the final year of his current contract. It has been suggested by many that Rooney intends to wait until after the World Cup in Brazil to make any decision. He will have his answer on the status of his club with respect to the Champions League then, as well as that of Chelsea. That alone could be the decision-maker for him. Ultimately, Manchester United FC might, indeed, end up losing Rooney to Mourinho and the promising future offered by the Chelsea FC.

By Jim Malone