BJP, Congress Trap for Kejriwal

Kejriwal with the help of masses may surprise both the BJP and Congress


Will Arvind Kejriwal fall into the trap being set from him by the established BJP and Congress. The Congress is mocking the six-day old chief minister of Delhi, why is he not willing to contest polls for the LokSabha (House of Commons).  The BJP, on the other hand, is also egging him on to stand for the said elections from Delhi. These elections are scheduled to be held in India in the month of May.

In the proverbial sense these established parties are tightening the noose around Kejriwal.  The motives of both these parties are clear.Congress wants Kejriwal to contest these said elections in a bid to seek revenge for the humiliation they faced in the Delhi state assembly polls, at the hands of Aam Aadmi Party (Common Man’s Party). BJP is also seeking revenge because Kejriwal after routing Congress preferred to make a minority government with the help of 8 member Congress than the 31 member BJP.

The ulterior motives of both these established and smart players are clear, the million dollar question is will Kejriwal fall into the trap being laid out for him. At the moment he is not, but nothing is certain in politics, especially Indian politics. It won’t be a surprise if Kejriwal stands for the Lok Sabha seat from Delhi. Although, it would be nothing short of a political suicide.

Both Congress and BJP have grass root membership and support across the length and breadth of India while AAP is yet to develop it. AAP had a dream beginning in Delhi but it needs time for itself to make an impact on the whole of Indian political landscape. Keeping this in view  Kejriwal is , at least, for the time being not falling into the trap set by Congress or the BJP.

BJP wants him to stand for the Lok Sabha seat because they want to nullify or at least neutralize the Gandhi factor. According to their think tanks Kejriwal’s running for a seat for Lok Sabha will highlight and consequently effect the dynastic factor in the Indian politics.

Congress wants Kejriwal to take part in the coming elections  because his clean record will highlight the criminal record of BJP’s candidate for prime minister– Narendra Modi. Congress refers to Modi as the “merchant of death” and “the butcher” of Gujrat for his alleged role in the 2002 communal riots in the state. It is for this very reason that Modi is ineligible to apply for a U.S. visa, though a week ago a Gujrat has given him a clean chit.

Whatever the political motives of the leaders of Congress and the BJP; if Kejriwal does decide to run for the Lokh Sabha seat from Delhi, he will surely cause tremors in the corrupt echelons of power in India. The masses may well opt to vote for the AAP and leave the secular Congress and the Hindu fundamentalist BJP, high and dry, if the anti-corruption slogan of AAP finds favor with them as it did in the state polls in Delhi. In that case, though nothing can be said with hundred percent certainty, Congress and the BJP may will fall into the trap they are trying to set-up for Kerjiwal.

By Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada


The Times Of India

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