Michelle Obama at 50

Michelle Obama at 50

Michelle Obama embraces turning the half-century mark today. At 50, she has proven to be a doting wife, dedicated mother, and tireless advocate for the health of the nation’s youth, she celebrates in grand style this Saturday, with a party in her honor at the White House. Here’s to counting the ways to honor the First Lady.


Michelle Obama exudes elegance in all that she does. Since occupying the white house with her husband, Barack Obama, she is a model for women everywhere that confidence in self is a powerful accessory.


Mrs. Obama is one-hundred percent family. She does not shy away from displaying tokens of affection toward her husband. Many photographs catch a glimpse of the couple-hugging and supporting each other with their infamous fist bump. Mrs. Obama is instrumental in the lives of her two daughters and leads by example to provide an environment for them to grow into well-round individuals.  There’s also the matriarch-unity her mother’s presence represents. The bond between mother and daughter, appears strong, and is another reassurance of the strong ties that strengthen three generations of women at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


Michelle Obama’s aurora signifies that she’s confident in her own skin, even at 50. Her mega-watt smile and tresses that flow with movement, are visual images that externally make her relatable to many women. She’s never had to apologize for her appearance because she owns who she is; and because of her internal belief, the exterior radiates all the more brightly.


Mrs. Obama’s brought conventional style, elegant evening wear, and recyclable wardrobe pieces to the administration. Her J. Crew pieces are an often imitated look and the evening gowns she has worn to formal affairs, are always photographed with complimentary adoration. Why is her fashion style loved even more? Mrs. Obama has been seen in the same wardrobe ensembles on more than one occasion. Her catch: why not switch up the look with different accessories and Voilà!, there is whole new look.


“Those arms, how can a person get those arms!” One can imagine with humor, that Michelle Obama has heard this a time or two. The First Lady is a great example of talking fitness, but also living it as well. She, herself, has said that she is following a new fitness routine in 2014, but it is her concentrated efforts in tackling childhood obesity that she is most passionate. Her “Let’s Move,” campaign aims to find solutions to the alarming obesity rates in our youth.


Michelle Obama has never flaunted her degrees from both Princeton and Harvard Law but she uses the credentials to lead as First Lady of the United States. She is an avid promoter of education for everyone, and has never shied away from relaying her story of being an inner-city kid, encouraged to learn all that she could, which would eventually led her to the school halls of prestigious institutions of higher learning.

Michelle Obama turning the half-century mark is just the beginning of her many accomplishments to come. If this is what “5o” looks like, then one can only think there’s a group of women somewhere doing arm curls pronto!

Editorial by La Tasha Taylor



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