Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Stock Earnings Rise

Microsoft CorporationAt the end of mid-day trading on Friday, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) stock earnings rose while others fell. Microsoft shares have risen 1.49 percent to a $36.59 rate, following the corporation’s announcements made Thursday of last week concerning its earnings during their second quarter, where they reported 78 cents on every per share revenue of $24.52 billion. Microsoft Corporation licenses and develops software, hardware devices and services worldwide. Corporation volumes average over the prior 30 days has been a total of 39.7 million shares per day. Likewise, this company’s market is a part of the computer software and services as well as the technology sector industry, and its cap is $301.9 billion.

Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer for Microsoft, said the Devices and Consumer segment had a wonderful holiday season. It is believed that their Commercial segments are outplaying the overall market, and the work they are currently venturing into with their partners is resulting in strong and positive results for the company’s holiday quarter. Likewise, Ballmer expresses that the investments being made by this company are ensuring their devices are giving their customers a service that is a high-quality experience, and thus ensuring long-term growth for the company.

Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft, Amy Hood, also backed Ballmer’s claims, saying that for their Devices and Consumer segment they delivered a record revenue for their business offerings. Therefore, Microsoft Corporation stock earnings rose as a result. Like Ballmer, Hood says this demonstrates long-term value within shareholding, and is a result of execution focus and discipline costs, which she claims will continue to drive the company forward in strategic transformations.

These notable Microsoft sales from the recent quarter is said to be mostly generated from console sales and other surface revenues. These revenues have been significantly raised from Microsoft’s prior quarter revenues. According to their devices and consumer revenues, the earnings for this software powerhouse have grown from 13 percent to $11.91 billion, and their commercial revenues, 10 percent to $12.67 billion. The International Business Times states that this more than doubles the corporation’s revenues generated from their first quarter to second quarter revenues, from $400 to $893 million. Many of this is due, again, to the corporation’s Xbox console sales, in which they sold 7.4 million Xbox unit consoles, and generated from Xbox One consoles 3.9 million and from Xbox 360 consoles 3.5 million.

Microsoft Corporation stock earnings rise while others are falling. Starbucks Corporation (SBUX) reported a sales growth drop on revenue of $4.24 billion. The coffee company reported 71 cents per first quarter earnings, with a growth of 5 percent on comparable store global sales, which is said to be down from their earlier year period of 6 percent. This does not phase the likes of Howard Schultz, chief executive, chairman, and president of Starbucks Coffee Corporation, who told reporters that the 2013 holiday was among the first that retailers for in-store traffic experienced an increase in online sales and presence of their customers through that online presence. Since this increase in web traffic and a said increase in quarter one results, Schultz believes this will continue to increase their global position and offer them more national and global prospects with the on-site presence of their unique consumer brands. However, this is an example of a drop in sales compared to that of Microsoft Corporation’s stock earnings rise.

By Sarah Widger

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