Miley Cyrus Gives Justin Bieber Advice

Miley CyrusOf all the people to give Justin Bieber advice, it’s Miley Cyrus. The 21-year-old appeared on The Tonight Show when she was asked what she would say to the 19-year-old troublemaker. However, the whole interview was not just about her words of advice for the Baby singer.

Cyrus is known for her antics and constantly being in the press for them. Between stripping naked, smoking weed on stage and twerking though, she has never been arrested. When asked about whether she regretted anything about her teen years, she laughed about her fans questioning where her mug shot was. She says that everything she has done has been legal in California.

She is right. Nothing she had done has gotten her into trouble. However, it has not prevented controversy. According to Cyrus, controversy is fine as long as it is legal. Her acting out did cause some problems between her and her dad, but they have since grown back together.

Bieber, on the other hand, has had two arrests within the space of a week, and more run-ins with the law than that. The 19-year-old was arrested on January 23 in Miami for DUI and driving without a valid licence. He was then arrested on January 29 in Toronto for assault, which he reportedly handed himself in for.

There are still chances that he will be arrested for the vandalism of his neighbor’s property. Police were called to his neighbor’s home at the start of the year, stating that Bieber was throwing eggs. A young man was filmed on the lawn with a smartphone camera by the neighbor, but it was not clear enough to really make out that it was the Boyfriend singer. He was named as a suspect and a warrant was issued to search his home for further evidence. That evidence has now been handed to the district attorney, who will decide whether it is enough to prosecute.

Jay Leno asked Cyrus whether she had any advice to give to Bieber. She told the Canadian singer to use his money to his advantage. He could buy his own home and add a club to it. That would give him and his friends somewhere to party. The 21-year-old also suggested that he pay people to avoid getting into trouble.

The interview on the The Tonight Show wasn’t just about offering “The Bieb” some advice. It was also a chance to look into Cyrus’ past. Leno showed a video of when the Hannah Montana actress was around two-years-old and wandered onto the set while her dad was giving an interview. According to Leno it was the first time that she was on TV, but all the former Disney star could confirm was that she used to escape her nanny.

Access Hollywood also asked Billy Ray Cyrus if he had any advice for the tearaway Bieber. All he offered was for the 19-year-old to stay at his house for a while and chill out. It would give the singer a chance to step away from it all and go back to just living. That may be some of the best advice Bieber could ever get from the Cyrus family.

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham



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