Mork and Mindy Say Nanu Nanu in Reunion Episode on The Crazy Ones

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In the late 70’s a new network show premiered with the young Robin Williams and Pam Dawber, called Mork and Mindy. Williams played the part of an alien who arrived from the planet Ork. He bonded with his earthling roommate, Mindy McConnell. Williams was virtually an unknown during the premier – except as a guest star on the very popular sitcom Happy Days.  The two stars are now looking forward to a reunion episode on Williams’ hit CBS show called The Crazy Ones to say “nanu nanu.”

On Williams’ newest show he plays the electric and interesting ad agency head, his character Simon Roberts will have the opportunity to meet Dawber, who will be playing an author. The two will have an instant connection when Simon attends a book signing by the attractive author, named Lily. The announcement has not detailed if Dawber will be entering as an reoccurring character.

Mork and Mindy were only on air for four seasons, until dismal ratings forced the network to cancel the show. It became a cult classic favorite to many during the preceding years and launched the impressive career of comedian, Williams. Terms like “nanu nanu” which meant hello on Ork became symbolic of the show. The two universe-crossed characters married and even spawned a Orkan adult child Mearth, played by Jonathan Winters, during the final two seasons of the show. Changing cast members to breathe new energy into the show did not raise ratings. Episode 95 was the last of Mork and Mindy.

Williams’ career exploded and lead to blockbuster roles in movies such as Good Morning, Vietnam; Toys, Jumanji, The Birdcage, Jack, Good Will Hunting and more recently, Lee Daniels’ The Butler. This writer has two personal favorites of the eccentric star. Williams played a grieving husband and father, in a more serious movie titled What Dreams May Come, in which the question of “where do we go when we die?” is seemingly answered. Another raw character role entered when Williams starred in the 2009 flick, World’s Greatest Dad which illustrated how far a father would go to protect his son. Readers can certainly comment on the dozens of movies Williams brought alive.

When Mork and Mindy closed their final scene, Dawber did not meet the blockbuster success of her co-star but found a passion within made for TV movies. From the 1994 movie, A Child’s Cry for Help, Don’t Look Behind You to the 2000 movie I’ll Remember April, Dawber was a hot commodity for television. After the early 2000’s, it seems Dawber settled down and remained quiet, out of the limelight.  She married NCIS star Mark Harmon and the two have been an item since 1978. While rumors of divorce have touched the surface, there has been no confirmation of the two splitting up.

Now the two favorite stars from the classic series Mork and Mindy will host their own kind of reunion on Williams’ hit series The Crazy Ones. Williams was thrilled with the announcement and took to Twitter-verse to share his excitement of connecting with his former co-star. While the two possibly will not say “nanu nanu” (or maybe, who knows?), viewers are thrilled to see the sparks fly again. Perhaps, this will spawn another series of the popular show or even perhaps see Dawber become a staple on the show. While the episode has not been given a specific date, TV Guide has stated it will air in the spring.


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  1. Gary Sartori (@yankee_freedom)   January 24, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Loved the article and will watch the show. Robin and Pam had this amazing chemistry between them when Mork and Mindy aired. Can’t wait to see them again. Na Nu Na Nu!!!

    • Angelina Bouc   January 24, 2014 at 3:26 pm

      Thank you for the comment, Gary. I look forward to it as well!

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