Natural Gas Is Unearthed

natural gas

Natural gas prices have gone up and the reason why is possible to understand once one can unearth its benefits. Natural gas is clean, abundant, American, reliable and responsible. The United States energy consumption of natural gas is around the same consumption as coal, natural gas being at 24 percent and coal being at 23 percent. Then there is oil at 41 percent, nuclear at eight percent, and hydro at four percent. In order to retrieve it, a drill must be placed deep beneath the earth’s surface. 85 percent of the supply is domestic and the rest comes from Canada.

Natural gas is a combustible mixture of simple gases, mostly methane and a combination of a few others. It is found in very deep underground reservoirs formed of porous rock. Initially, it was formed by sea plants and animals that died and sank all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor and were then buried under layers of silt and sand. Over time, the layers of silt and sand keep burying the particles deeper and deeper under the ocean floor. Then over millions of years, heat and pressure on them increases, producing natural gas and oil. The gas and oil tended to migrate through the tiny pores in the rocks surrounding them. Some migrated up to the surface and escaped, but some were trapped under the rock and clay.

Natural gas unearthed has so many creating potentials. Products created from the use of natural gas consists of steel, glass, paper, electricity, paints, antifreeze, plastics, explosives and more. 33 percent of it is used through the electric power generation sector, 30 percent is used in the industry, 22 percent is residential, 15 percent is used commercially, and .1 percent is used in vehicles.

Natural gas is the cleanest burning of all the fossil fuels.When it is directly used for space and water heating it is very efficient and clean. It only emits half of the carbon than coal and fossil fuel. Many people enjoy the fact that it can back up fuel for renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, and biofuel. It is a great start to clear up the skies by running vehicles on natural gas. It is also abundant and totally accessible in the United States. This fact can possibly reduce the addiction for foreign oil, which fifty percent is used from foreign countries. The abundance of it found in America is more than the oil found in Saudi Arabia. There is so much found in the U.S. that there is enough to power generations to come. There is approximately one hundred years’ worth, plus each year that more is discovered.

Besides the fact that it is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and it is quite abundant in American, using more natural gas could create more jobs and economic opportunities. It can promote U.S. energy independence. Natural gas is considered responsible because it is safe and reliable. It heats faster while using less energy and at the same time it works twice as long. The truths unearthed about natural gas are reasonable facts as to why the prices may have gone up.

By Brittany Varner-Miller


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