Justin Bieber Defends His Lifestyle Then Is Arrested

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After making news headlines in regards to whether a police escort from the airport to a strip club was justified on his recent trip to Florida, Justin Bieber defended his life style as being that of a teenager just having fun. As Bieber is 19 years old, he is still a teenager; but with that said he is a teenager with a difference. He has talent, fame and money. In 2013, Bieber had numerous encounters with the authorities ranging from the German customs officials to the California police force. His neighbors registered complaints about threatening behavior following an altercation in March 2013.  Also in March last year German customs officers confiscated his monkey, named Mally who travels with him.  The monkey was returned to his owner upon departing the country. Now in the newest incident, Bieber was arrested for drag-racing and failing a sobriety test.

As a working musician, Bieber travels the world, performing for an enormous amount of fans in sold out concert venues.  His fan base began with his first big hit One Time in 2009 when he was just 15-years-old. Mainly female, his fans manifested their support and favor of the young singer. Bieber’s latest release is a set of ten songs from a project called Journals released over a series of weeks shortly before his film Justin Bieber’s Believe was unveiled on December 25, 2013. Music critics watching the development of the artist’s musical output have generally agreed that Bieber’s voice and artistic direction has matured over the last four years.

It's ok to have a bad boy image, but bad boy behavior can change everything
It’s ok to have a bad boy image, but bad boy behavior can change everything

Professionally Bieber is evolving as an artist, quite necessary in his case given his young age, seeking a more integrated fan base.  Appealing a bad boy image is in the rock and roll historically speaking is the obvious way to attract male admiration. Late nights, no nights, parties, sex, drugs and police escorts are rock star attributes.  It could be argued that these antics are also related to basic teenager behavior. Bieber has defended his lifestyle as being that of a teenager having fun, but he is not representative of the average teenager. He is an internationally famous musician with a great deal of friends in high up places. Whether he is being a responsible person by representing the world of teenagers by repeatedly making news headlines is up to individual opinion. Such as becoming arrested and running into issues with the law again.

No reminder is needed of the “egg-cident” with his neighbor. Now, it seems Bieber has added another mar to his growing list of questionable moves. The young singer was arrested Thursday morning, a little after 4 a.m. for drag racing against a Ferrari. Both drivers were placed under arrest and their cars towed. It appears the block was purposely blocked off, eliciting the response from the Miami Beach police. It appears Bieber was in transport to the Miami-Dade county jail.  The drinking influence factor in Miami Beach for individuals under 21 is 0.02 percent which amounts to one drink. For first time offenders, the fine is typically under $500 with community service. Perhaps, this will be the lesson Bieber finally needs to move into a more positive direction.

In his latest film, Justin Bieber’s Believe, it is pointed out that to grow up, mistakes will be made.  Mistakes involving frequent incidents involving the police and drug raids have been reported as worrisome to Bieber’s management, but as publicity they have excelled in promoting Bieber’s bad boy image. Stepping into the male arena of macho behavior, he has paid his dues well and entertained the public for better or worse. That Bieber is interested in parties, women and substances is not surprising for a teenager exploring boundaries. With slight overtones of standing in front of a representative of adult supervision, flaunting and wanting to impress Bieber defends his lifestyle in the public via the media, dismissing it as just having some fun. Until he was arrested Thursday morning, a clear reminder that although he may be a teenager, under the eyes of the law, he is an adult. Hopefully, he will be reminded how important he is to family, friends and fans to finally make a turnaround or settle down.

By Persephone Abbott


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