New Jersey Strip Club Shooter Arrested at Mother’s Home in Florida

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On Christmas morning, shots rang out in a New Jersey strip club, called Slick’s GoGo Bar. Once the shooter ran from the scene, three men were left dead and two wounded. That suspect has been caught at his mother’s home in Florida. 19-year-old Anthony Fields was arrested early Sunday morning by FBI agents. Fields will be booked and is expected to be extradited to New Jersey.

Charges include three counts of murder and two counts of aggravated assault for the Christmas morning shooting. The club’s owner Pierre Clervoyant, 34 and an employee Woodley Daniel, 32, were shot to death. The third victim was Mushir Cureton, 27.

Daniel was the bouncer on duty, who barred Fields from entering the club half past midnight. The suspect was highly intoxicated reported Clervoyant’s family. Clervoyant and Daniel were trying to calm the angry man, when he whipped out a gun and shot the two men dead. No information has been detailed as how Cureton was caught into the cross-fire. Two additional individuals were injured, but not seriously.

It is expected Fields will be extradited to New Jersey as soon as possible. The New Jersey strip club shooter was arrested at his mother’s house in Florida. His bail is expected to be $2 million or more.


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