New York Man Jealous Over Photographs Stabs Wife and Daughters to Death

New York Man Jealous Over Photographs Stabs Wife and Daughters to Death

A New York man, enraged and jealous about photographs which showed his wife with another man, stabbed her and their two young daughters to death. The alleged killer had been out drinking with a friend on Sunday evening, stated prosecutors. When he came home about 11 p.m., he started to go through his wife’s cellphone pictures and also her Facebook account. He happened to discover a photograph of her with another man, they explained.

After he saw the picture, he alleged snapped, because he took a knife from their kitchen’s butcher block and went to his bedroom. There he hovered over his sleeping wife, Deisy Garcia, along with their two daughters. Garcia woke up and screamed when she saw her husband, and he allegedly stabbed her as she tried to get out of bed and flew to another room, prosecutors said. Ramos then grabbed yet another knife and stabbed her repeatedly in the chest, back and torso.

After Garcia, age 21, had been murdered, Ramos went back to where his two young daughters were. Daniela, age 2 and Yoselin, age 1, both were still lying on the bed, stated the prosecutors. He allegedly picked up Daniela, gave her a kiss and hug, asked for her forgiveness, placed her back down on the bed and stabbed her to death. He repeated the brutal act with Yoselin.

Queens, New York District Attorney Richard Brown was on the scene of the crime Sunday night and he stated that it was extremely gruesome. He said that he had seen a lot of murders in his 23 years as district attorney, but that there was nothing more disturbing than seeing young children, especially mere babies end up as homicide victims. He added that there was a bent, bloody knife blade along with a broken handle, all found at the crime scene.

Ramos took off from the scene in a white van and drove down to Texas. Police authorities in Fayette County, Texas, stated that the suspect was discovered on Monday night after he switched on his cellphone. The police were able to trace his exact location and arrest him at a vehicle roadblock they had set up on a Texas Interstate that runs between San Antonio and Houston and San Antonio. The location where Ramos was caught was nearly 1,700 miles away from New York.

The alleged murderer was found earlier in the week after police investigators traced his cellphone as was stated above. He agreed to return to New York on Wednesday and it is believed he will be in court on Friday to face murder charges. Ramos, age 29, was being held in custody but it was not clear yet if he had retained the services of an attorney. He also had no telephone number listed at his home address.

Ramos is going to be charged with first-degree murder and also criminal possession of a weapon, stated Brown. If he is convicted, he will face life in prison without any possibility of parole. If Ramos is found guilty of stabbing his wife and their two young daughters to death, then hopefully the punishment will fit the crime.

By Kimberly Ruble


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