Nintendo Rarest of the Rare Game Surfaces, Will Vanish Soon


Nintendo began the year with announcements of failures and looking for strategies to get back in the game of things. However, to bring cheer to their camp is the rush to buy a rarest of the rare Nintendo game. Collectors need to hurry as it might vanish just as soon as it has surfaced. It’s given that buyers will scramble to make this rare gem a part of their collection.

A mere 116 pieces were ever made of Nintendo World Championships for a special event in the year 1990. Existence of other pieces of this game has not yet been determined, however the chances of more pieces emerging are bleak and this could be the only one left on this planet.

With bids starting at $4,999.99, this game’s price is set to sour with more and more people getting aware of its presence on eBay. Available since 18th, January’14 and BBC picking up the story from bloggers, it’s only a matter of time before the bids will begin to rise from collectors ready to get their hands on this ugly yet a gamers’ beauty.


The term ugly beauty is a reference to the condition that the game is currently in. With the label completely torn off and the cartridge in poor condition, the console could be a turn-off for some. However, for hardened collectors, this should not be an issue and even the word Mario written on top of the game with a ball point pen might not be a deterrent.

That the game is definitely the rarest of the rare Nintendo game comes from the fact that it was never made available for commercial sale. Thus, the general users never got a glimpse of the game. Created exclusively for the nationwide competition, it vanished from the scene immediately only to re-surface after a gap of fourteen years on an eBay auction page.

Similar cartridges have fetched close to $11,000, thus the final price for the 1990 cartridge can only reach greater heights. It features only three games namely Super Mario Bros, Tetris and Rad Racer and participants in the completion were to try scoring the highest total points from the three games put together. The time limit of completing the three games was a tough six-minute and twenty-one seconds.


The competition toured United States in close to twenty-nine cities with the highest scores in each city chosen for the national championship. The winner’s prize of $10,000 along with some latest tech devices thrown in was definitely an added attraction to be a part of this competition.
With a claimed collection experience of over twenty five years, the seller is also indicating that his entire video game collection will be available for sale and promises to offer more gems to delight any seasoned collector.

BBC has referred to it as the “Holy Grail” within the community of Nintendo aficionados. It is also of the opinion that it would fetch a considerably good prize from individuals ready to grab one of the rarest pieces to surface from the Nintendo gaming history. However, The true value of the game will be determined by the number of bids that will be made on the eBay auction site by collectors before it vanishes again forever.

By Daris Abraham


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