Oklahoma No Evidence of Shooting on Campus (UPDATE)

Potential equipment backfire spurred panic

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[UPDATE]: Reports stemmed in of reports fired at the University of Oklahoma per News 9. It appears those reports have now been removed – and no evidence is reported at this time. Officials are still checking the campus to verify the campus is safe. Reports of a text message being dispatched to students are also being investigated. Officials state it may had stemmed from a piece of equipment which reportedly sounded like shots. If anything changes, this story will be updated.

[Original story]: The University of Oklahoma’s official Twitter account is reporting a shooting on campus. Students and faculty have been advised to avoid Gould Hall and to take immediate shelter and stay away from doors. The campus is currently on lockdown.

Police received a report of shots fired at approximately 11:17 a.m. local time and the warning went out to students at 11:30 a.m. This new incident comes on the heels of yesterday’s shooting on the Purdue University campus.

Information regarding the suspect or potential victims is not available at this time, and the University of Oklahoma campus remains in lockdown.

By Christopher V. Spencer


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