One Direction Member Apologizes for High-Rise Stunt

One DirectionLiam Payne, member of One Direction, has apologized to fans for his high-rise stunt.  The singer was caught on camera on the ledge of the 34th floor of a building, scaring fans below.  Daily Mail states the height to that point is about 360 feet.

The photo was posted on Twitter and showed the lights of London directly behind him. After the worrying tweets from fans, the picture was deleted. However, the memory was still there for fans, so the 20-year-old One Direction member took to his own twitter account to apologize for the “stupid and irresponsible” behavior.

The apology was not initially forthcoming. The star’s Twitter feed initially showed him ranting about how he could not spend time with his friends like normal boys his age. The stunt would have been a funny prank between friends had it not been for his part in the five-piece band which was put together on the UK’s X-Factor in 2010.

The photo was taken over the weekend while Payne was with friends from Wolverhampton. There were a series of other photos posted of him and his three friends together, including some taken at Funky Buddha, a club in London. Some of the photos were of Payne’s house, which led to various fans and media turning up outside. The One Direction member asked people on Twitter to stop coming to his house. Before the photos, his address was virtually unknown to most of his fans.

When fans saw the photo, they immediately took to Twitter asking the star not to jump. It may have been the heartfelt thoughts that led to the One Direction member apologizing for his high-rise stunt. One fan said “Please don’t do that again” after mentioning having a mini heart attack at the site of the shot. However, other fans were less worried about him jumping and more annoyed that he was trying to imitate Batman.

Before the star apologized for his high-rise antics, he apologized for his rude tweets. It took two hours from that apology for the singer to issue the one about the photo of him on the balcony. He followed the apology with a Twitter statement that fans should not try his stunt at home. It was very dangerous and anything could have happened.

He did recently note how simple life used to be during  behind-the-scene footage of a recent mobile phone commercial that One Direction is part of. Payne was with the rest of his band members reminiscing about going to school and just hanging out with friends. Payne shared an insight that he was never very fashionable when he was younger.

The members of One Direction did not know each other before their X-Factor appearances. The five boys auditioned as solo singers which came from different parts of the United Kingdom. It was during the Boot Camp stages that Simon Cowell and other judges decided to join the five guys together. They went onto the live rounds and were third overall. They have since taken the world by storm, breaking into the U.S. market. The news of Payne’s apology for his high-rise stunt comes after the news that the One Direction members will be releasing two books in 2014.

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