iPhone Tips for a Happy Relationship


iPhone has sure changed the ways couples enjoy that special time under the sheets. Back in the bucolic days of old Hollywood, a sexy guy would meet the leading lady.  Looking into her eyes, he’d kiss her; they might dance, share a drink or two and then the last thing that would be shown was clothes falling into the floor in a heap.

These days, the same thing happens, kinda, and with a special twist.  Instead of reaching for a cigarette, many couples reach for the iPhone.  Tracking Twitter feeds, checking out the status of friends on Facebook or looking at text messages can ruin that perfect moment after.

Most couples know though that good sex in the bedroom starts long before getting to the bedroom.  It’s not just what happens between the sheets that makes for passion.  Passion is started long before the bedroom door closes.

Here are two iPhone apps that can help make your sex life amazing.  But don’t stop with these two.  Anyone with a desire to keep the spark in the relationship and a few minutes to do some searching can find some terrific things for his or her iPhone.


An Iraq war veteran created the iLoveNote app.  Wanting to stay connected with each other while he was deployed, they were able to share the memories they have together.  With this iPhone app, you can keep track of your complete relationship by recording your “Date Nights” and marking  items off of your joint “Bucket List.”   You can also keep a thread of conversation going with photos and updates.  Feeling a little frisky?  Add some secret desires into the relationship database and the fire will stay alive.  Don’t worry about privacy though.  All of this will stay between you and your other half while helping to improve the organization and communication of your relationship.


Now here is the iPhone app every couple has been waiting for.  Kindu is an app that will help you to explore those sexual secrets with your spouse.  Coming with over 600 examples of fantasies, turn ons and other sexy ideas, each person simply answers “yes,” “no” or “maybe” to options that the app provides.  Any that match, Kindu shares with your spouse.  Don’t worry though; your answers stay confidential.  So if you say “yes” to a fantasy and your spouse says “no”, your secret is safe with Kindu.

The iPhone, designed and sold by Apple, comprises a line of smartphones which was initially released on June 29, 2007.  The most recent models were introduced in September 2013.

The key to the success of the iPhone is the user interface.  Built around a multi-touch screen, the iPhone can also capture video, shoot pictures and be a music player.  Sending and receiving emails, browsing the web and texting are also popular pastimes on this ubiquitous piece of technology.

The iPhone can also serve other functions – such as video games, reference pieces and GPS navigation – by downloading programs, known as “apps’”from the Apple online store.

iPhone is smart enough to improve any sex life.

By Jerry Nelson