Pharrell Williams Hat Popular at Grammy Awards

Pharrell Williams’s hat was very popular at the 56th annual Grammy Awards. Williams sported a Vivienne Westwood brown hat during the awards ceremony. The “Mountainie esque” hat as Yahoo Music writer Marisa Okano calls it, was not the only hat to appear on William’s head. During his performance with Daft Punk, he wore a second slightly larger brown hat; the popular Westwood hat later replaced the second hat. His hat was so popular a Twitter account was created and memes soon followed.

The Twitter account @Pharrellhat was created less than 30 minutes after William’s made his red carpet debut; the account has at least 6,000 followers and the posts are memes comparing the hat to different things. Some of these comparisons include a post stating that his hat should be the new Arby’s logo, with the picture of an ad for the chain restaurant showing customers thinking about the chain with the red western hat above their heads. Another post was not a comparison but rather a what if; the post showed photos of two stars, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, on the Grammy’s red carpet in the popular hat.

Williams’ hat was so popular at the Grammy Awards that it got its own set of internet memes. The memes included him wearing the hat in the middle of a Smoky the Bear advertisement that read: Please! Only you can prevent forest fires. A second meme was a picture of Homer Simpson wearing an orange ten gallon hat with the tweet Pharrell William’s at the #Grammy’s. Twitter users also poked fun at what the hat could be hiding; one user said that he was incubating a fetus under his hat and another user said that William’s can keep his Grammy’s under the hat.

Arby’s responded to the comment about his hat by asking if they could have it back. Aside from the popularity of his hat, William’s also won a few awards. His collaboration with Daft Punk on Get Lucky¬†won them both Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. He also won Producer of the Year in the non-classical category. Some other winners were Lorde for Best pop solo performance for her song Royals, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for Best new artist, James Fauntleroy, Jerone Harmon, Timothy Mosley and Justin Timberlake for Pusher Love Girl and Zedd featuring Foxes for Best Dance Recording for his song Clarity.

Pharrell Williams’s hat was popular at the 56th annual Grammy Awards thanks to Twitter and some interesting memes. These memes spanned from comparisons and uses to artists sporting the show-stopping hat. The account itself got a large amount of followers as well as five other accounts dedicated to the hat. The account was so massive that E! Online called it a social empire and feels that it will stay that way for a while. Whether this is true or not, Williams is definitely getting attention for his different fashion statement.

By Jordan Bonte

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