Pizza Hut Finds Success in Xbox 360 App

Xbox 360 Pizza Hut app

In April of 2013 Pizza Hut released an app on the Xbox 360 that has found massive success. The collaboration between Pizza Hut and the Xbox 360 is purely a beneficial relationship meant to please everyone. Those using the Xbox 360 have found the app to be handy and effective enough to continue to use it. The concept is simple, order a pizza with your Xbox 360.

This collaboration is not the first between Pizza Hut and video games. Back in the PlayStation 1 days, Pizza Hut used to give away demo discs with that had a number of games to sample. In 2005 Pizza Hut collaborated with Everquest 2 by implementing a typed command that would take them from the game to the Pizza Hut online ordering page. During play the user only had to type “/pizza” and they would be taken to the appropriate place to order a pizza.

The connection between Pizza Hut and video games is an obvious one. Often when people are relaxing and playing video games they want to continue doing just that, Pizza Hut has figured this out and has been offering a hand to those that prefer not to leave the living room. After all, this is America, if someone wants to order a pizza with their video games and continue to keep playing video games, that is their prerogative. Hopefully such privileges do not destroy the user’s ability to cook, but that seems a little extreme and is surely the exception not the ordinary.

Currently the Xbox 360 is the only console with the Pizza Hut app, but more could be on the way. Pizza Hut PR head Doug Terfehr said that people wanted more. “As soon as we did one, everyone was contacting us to do the next [one].” To be expected, the app has brought in more than $1 million so far. Pizza Hut did not say which console would receive an app next due to the focus of the iOS and Android apps, which apparently need more attention if they are to match the experience of the Xbox 360 app.

Pizza Hut has their hands full right now. Aside from the app business they are also experimenting with selling pizza by the slice. This is a first for Pizza Hut and is currently being tested in two different locations. Pizza by the slice will cost between $2 and $3 and should take a few minutes to heat up. Depending on the success of the experiment Pizza Hut may expand this new feature to other stores, it is still too early to know for sure.

Pizza Hut knows what gamers want, pizza. The success of the Pizza Hut Xbox 360 app has brought in more than $1 million since it became available in April. Currently there is no news about the app becoming available on other video game consoles, but people want it. Pizza Hut has their hands full with other apps and menu changes currently so it will likely be a while before any such news becomes available. For now people will have to order pizza the old-fashioned way or continue using their Xbox 360 Pizza Hut app.


By Garrett Jutte




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