Pokemon Celebi Coming With Bank but Need Time Travel to Get it


Nintendo announced the availability of the Legendary Celebi, promising that when a player used the bank for the first time before September 30, 2014, they would have access to this event-only Pokemon, not seen since 2011 in a GameStop promotion. Two weeks past the December 27 release date (American release date,) it looks like you may need Celebi to time-travel you to a time when you can get it. A chicken or egg deal. Otaku across the country are wishing for a TARDIS even now to puncture the paradox.

The Pokemon bank, and its much-hyped release was an epic fail for the gaming company. When it failed to prevent barely any of the security issues it was advertised to in the Japanese release, it was quickly removed from the e-store, yet to re-appear. It looks like Nintendo got what they wanted when they had us lined up around city blocks at midnight in Rockefeller Center for the release of Pokemon X and Y. Apparently they don’t really need to provide the functionality that had us all purchasing essentially two of the same games with promises of future transfers and expanded capability. Maybe we need to time-travel back to that night and get our wasted time back, when and if the Celebi and Pokemon bank does show up.

There have been rumors floating around that the actual release date will be around the end of February. This, however, appears overly optimistic. It appears that the source of the rumor was an alleged tweet on the official Pokemon page saying that the release date had been changed to February 29. Given that there does not appear to be any such tweet in the history of the official page, and there definitely will be no February 29 this year, it seems that a whole lot of desperate Pokemon fans took the hoax and ran with it. It is time to hop off of that band-wagon and face facts, or you could be waiting a long time for leap year to come around.

Hoping to catch late-comers to the party who have not already explored every aspect of the game they can at this point, Nintendo has been sending out reminders of the impending (January 15) end of the promotion that would land a special Torchic with the hidden Speed Boost ability and Blazikenite mega stone for Blaziken’s mega evolution. If you have the need, you may be tempted. At least this particular offer is here. Except that without the bank, it really isn’t.

Nintendo will need to start actually allowing players to cash in on some of these promises at some point if it expects us to keep shelling out duplicate dollars to purchase two and three versions of games. Let’s hope they will, anyway. For many, waiting for the eventual cool-to-come beats going back home to the living room and wondering what they could possibly do to the XBox One to make you want to stay at home on the couch and wait for that particular functionality upgrade. Maybe they do have us trapped.

When it comes down to it, Nintendo will eventually get it right; or at least close enough to right to release the bank and allow us to beta test it for a while. It will be a fortunate bonus to have the time-travelling Legendary Celebi coming with the bank, in case we want to go back to the Pokemon X and Y launch party in New York and let them all know what they are in for. I would have loved the heads-up.

By Jim Malone