Shia LaBeouf Really Retiring From Public Life?

Shia LaBeoufAccording to Shia LaBeouf, he is going to retire from public life; but is that really going to happen? His recent tweet stated that it was due to the attacks against his “artistic integrity,” and comes just a day after receiving a cease and desist letter from Daniel Clowes’ attorney.

The trouble all started for the Transformers star when Clowes realized that his works had been plagiarized. LaBeouf had used Justin M Damiano, Clowes’ graphic novel, as more than inspiration for his short film, Instead of apologizing and trying to make it right – when confronted about it – he started uploading a series of tweets that plagiarized other apologies over the years.

His former colleague, Christy Carlson Romano explained that he was not plagiarizing others. It was a form of retweeting without going through official methods. However, the tweets were slightly altered so that they fit loosely into the situation that LaBeouf had found himself in.

The start of 2014 was not the best for the former Disney star, either. On New Year’s Day, the actor hired a skywriter to write the sentence “I am sorry Daniel Clowes” across the Los Angeles sky. Clowes was not impressed, since he only saw a photo of it on Twitter. The graphic novelist lives in the Bay Area, in San Francisco – nowhere near Los Angeles. To make sure Clowes saw the apology, LaBeouf took a photo and posted it on Twitter.

Since the initial confrontation over the star’s plagiarism, LaBeouf received various attacks from fans and celebrities alike. He started to attack those people with fake and sarcastic apologies and remarks, which made the whole situation worse. It has been after the most recent tweets and attacks that LaBeouf has announced he really is retiring from public life.

The series of tweets and strange behavior from the Disney star would suggest that he is having a nervous breakdown. Is it another case of a former Disney star gone wild?

Some of his recent actions include doing LSD in front of Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series. He also told the public that, to get a role in Nymphomaniac, he sent photos of his penis to Lars Von Trier.

Some of the tweeted apologies plagiarize the likes of Kanye West and U.K. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. He then started a series of strange tweets asking whether God would sue someone for painting a river and questioning censorship and authorship.

The star seems to have lost a lot of support, recently. However, that of Romano still stands. She has recently defended her former onscreen brother, stating that his behavior does not likely constitute a mental breakdown. He is honing his artistic talents, according to Romano. She also stated that it could be worse, and gave examples of some female stars who experiment with drugs and show a lot of skin.

There has been no word over what move Clowes and his legal team will take over LaBeouf’s actions. However, they may be thankful that he has decided to take a step back from the limelight. Questions remain over whether LaBeouf could really retire from public life, or whether this is just another part of his weird behavior.

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham


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