Police State Probability


The probability of a police state becomes more convincing to many Americans. A police state can be verified by the government having exercised rigorous and restrictive controls over the country’s population as government officials reap the pleasures of freedom. It’s a totalitarian process to gain social control by restrictions on basic freedoms. A police state usually comes from authoritarian states and set forth by a dictator.

The police state reasoning factor is based on freedom vs. national security in time of an emergency or war. Although police states have been seen utilized throughout history, the United States first step may have been the Patriot Act, which violates the first and fourth amendment. The U.S. explains the reasoning behind the Patriot Act as a national security in order to keep the American people safe from terrorists. Many disagree. Many believe the beginning process of the police state is placed in order to protect executive authorities by preventing their crimes from being revealed in which the courts would order extreme guilty sentences. Basically, they believe the destruction of the first amendment is because the government wants to prevent their criminal actions from being exposed.

Some people are convinced that false flags could be the start of the police state. Events like the 9/11 world trade center’s attack, or the Boston bombing could have been used to put the country into a controlled police state, where many believed martial law was close to being put in place. The country may not be totally perceived as a police state just yet, but the probability looks as though it is headed straight for it.

Witnesses are being arrested for recording the police. 30 journalists had been arrested at the Occupy Wall street movement. These journalists had even proved their identities to be credentialed members of the media. Police have been arresting citizens for recording police actions in public places. Many states incorporated “eavesdropping” laws to where people cannot videotape police without their permission. Public protests are restricted as to where the protesters can assemble, keeping them in “protest zones” in order to avoid the news cameras.

The police are becoming militarized. Surveillance drones have become more advanced already used to patrol the Mexican border. Police officials are advocating the use of drones to track fugitives. Police in Orlando, Florida requested two spy drones to help with the security of the Republican National Convention.

Tracking U.S. citizens is becoming more and more enveloped. The National Security Agency had requested Verizon to turn in all phone records. NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, leaked crucial information about the secret global surveillance on the American people. He explained that the NSA had documentation on everyone in America which included their phone data, contacts, emails, and Google and Yahoo personal account information.

The U.S. Government has been thoroughly ensuring gun laws are being passed. Many citizens and even state Judges argue that the second amendment is being stripped and infringed upon. People are being disarmed and limited on what type of firearm accessories they can have on their person.

Any country needs leaders and some type of order, but when they cross the line of violating the constitution by abusing their powers, constitutionalists utilize behaviors in order to avoid the probability of a police state. People with common interests who refuse to cooperate with the Patriot Act come together. People have been helping one another, exposing any tyranny from the government by keeping everything on record, defending themselves and their legal rights by taking the bill of rights violators to court. They have been following the examples of those who have videotaped unlawful police actions. If rights have been violated, responsibly acting upon resolving the corruption and informing the uninformed. It has gotten to the point where people do not speak anymore, exercising their right to remain silent. It is not necessary to answer any questions if laws have not been broken. One does not need to consent to searches and may state they wish to be represented by an attorney. It is a possibility a police state is near, but when the people exercise their rights, that may be the only way to avoid it.

By Brittany Varner-Miller

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