Pope Defrocked Hundreds of Priests for Child Molesting

Pope defrocks priest for child molestation

Pope Benedict XVI has defrocked hundreds of priests for child molesting. The Associated Press has obtained a document that proved Pope Benedict XVI has defrocked almost 400 priests for molesting children over the last two years.

Between 2008 and 2009, when the Vatican began publicizing details on how many priests had been removed from service, 170 priests had been defrocked. The statistics for 2011-2012, however, illustrated a shocking increase in child molesting cases, reaching almost 400. Prior to 2008, the Vatican only released information on the number of sexual abuse cases they uncovered.

The document was completed using data the Vatican had been gathering to assist the Holy See’s defense before a UN committee in Geneva later this week.

The Vatican’s UN ambassador in Geneva, Archbishop Silvan Tomasi, mentioned the statistics only once during the eight hour session. Members of the U.N. Human Right Committee asked several pointed questions, which were never answered. It is apparent that Pope Benedict XVI has a mission to stop any sort of abuse, since he defrocked hundreds of priests for child molesting.

By Deborah Baran


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