Puppy Bowl 10th Anniversary: 10 Reasons to Tune In

Puppy Bowl 10th Anniversary 10 Reasons to Tune In

It is the 10th anniversary of the annual Puppy Bowl and there are 10 great reasons to tune in this year. The TV show started in 2004 in an attempt to draw people away from the biggest football event, known as the Super Bowl. During the event, 66 puppies are paired with a mini-stadium and squeaky toys and it even has its own halftime show.

1. Will the Penguins Have Enthusiasm?

Last year’s cheerleaders were unenthusiastic hedgehogs, but what does anybody expect from a set of prickly, nocturnal animals? This year’s Puppy Bowl cheerleaders are penguins and the arena will have giant ice cubes set around. Penguins are naturally energetic animals, so it will be interesting to see if they have more enthusiasm than the hedgehogs.

2. 103 Hours of Footage

Despite only airing for two hours, officially, there is 103 hours worth of footage shot. Some of this makes it online, while some of it will be on your screen. Within that 103 hours, there is bound to be something exciting and interesting happen. It’s also repeated six times.

3. Create Your Fantasy Team

It is now possible to draft your fantasy Puppy Bowl team. This is the first year that Animal Planet is offering the chance, and it is a great way to get further involved in the show.

4. Points Not Just for Touchdowns

The NFL awards points for touchdowns in their games, but it is completely different when it comes to puppies. The animals are awarded points for tackles and other activities, adding it to the 10 reasons to tune in for the 10th anniversary of the Puppy Bowl.

5. There Is Only One Rule

The puppies have one rule: drag the toy into the touchdown area. Once that happens, the animal scores a touchdown. It doesn’t matter how this happens, and it will most likely be by accident! However, with the new pointing system, more touchdowns doesn’t mean the team will win. A team can win from more tackles or takedowns.

6. Bruno Mars by a Cat

Bruno Mars is doing the halftime show for the Super Bowl, and Puppy Bowl is following suit. This year, a cat will perform one of his songs on a keyboard. The cat will look very much like the late Fatso—the original Keyboard Cat.

7. See Your Puppy on TV

The world of selfies has gone mad. This year, the Super Bowl animal alternative is accepting puppy selfies. Upload your dog’s picture on Instagram with the #puppybowl hashtag and you could see him or her appear.

8. The Extra Online Material

Animal Planet has taken the Puppy Bowl online and now has extra material for fans. This year’s footage will include bios of each of the pups, with various tag lines and “status updates.”

9. The Parachuting Cat

The halftime show is a time for big stunts and flashy technology. The same applies to this year’s puppy version, with a parachuting cat being one of them. From the footage released recently, the cat doesn’t seem best impressed with the idea. Don’t worry; safety is a major priority.

10. The Puppies Are From Adoption Shelters

All the puppies come from adoption shelters and agencies, and are cared for. This year, 37 agencies or shelters have agreed and come from various parts of America to be involved.

Will you watch the Super Bowl, this year, or tune in to see the cute puppies? Above are just 10 reasons to tune in for the 10th anniversary of Puppy Bowl.

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham


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