Puppy Bowl X Is Ruffing Things up

puppy bowl, animal planet

Puppy Bowl X  will be airing on Animal Planet this Sunday at 3 p.m. (ET/PT) during the Super Bowl. The Puppy Bowl is a cuter alternative to the Super Bowl and can get pretty competitive at times. It will consist of around 66 dogs, squeak toys, a miniature stadium and some kitty halftime. This event runs for approximately two hours every year and is replayed 6 times throughout Super Bowl Sunday.

In 2013 there were a total of 12.4 million viewers watching Puppy Bowl IX. Although the Super Bowl obtained nearly 9 times more viewers in 2013, the popularity continues to grow with every wag of the puppy player’s tail.  The starting lineup for this year’s puppy games includes 36 puppies. The ages for the lineup range from 12 to 18 weeks. The puppy players were provided by 37 shelters and adoption agencies, as opposed to pet shops and puppy mills. The whole goal for this puppy filled fun is to find homes for  homeless puppies out there. Pet rescues and shelters host thousands of viewing parties throughout the country to raise money for the homeless animals.

The Puppy Bowl is sponsored by Geico and they even have a 19×10 foot stadium to play in. During the game there will also be three guinea pigs that are watching from a “blimp.” While the puppies are taking a break from the game, there will be roughly 30 kittens attempting to perform a “domino topple.” It has been announced that this year’s cheerleading squad will be filled with penguins.

There will be roughly 103 hours of footage being shot for the Puppy Bowl X. The 103 hours will be divided up over three days. The first day will consist of the kitty halftime show. The halftime show is said to have a kitty that will be parachuting on to the field while another is playing the Bruno Mars tune Locked Out of Heaven.

On the second day, 15 puppies at a time will be competing with chew toys on the field. Penalties will be issued if puppies relieve themselves on the field and time-out will be called if a water bowl needs a refill. Time outs will also be called if puppies start to fight; this behavior is referred to on the show as “unnecessary rrruff-ness”.

Day three consists of filming the cheerleading penguin squad. Over the years the Puppy Bowl has had piglet, chicken, and hedgehog cheerleaders. There will be about 21 cameras on the field to capture every moment. Some of the cameras are even placed within the toys to get an up close and personal view of the game.

Shelters are hoping the money raised during this event will help pay for the $90,000 in vet bills that have been accumulated by helping the animals. The vet bills are not the only costs in running the pet rescues or shelters. Some other bills include the animal food, supplies, and advertising to spread the word for adoptable pets.

The Puppy Bowl for 2013 helped to facilitate over 100 more adoptions that year at some shelters and pet rescues. There are high hopes that the 2014 Puppy Bowl X will bring in more adoptions and raise more funds for the businesses helping homeless animals.

By: Anjulina MaComber