Purdue University Shooting Leaves One Dead

Purdue shooting Leaves One DeadYesterday at approximately 12:30 EST, Purdue University’s official twitter account made the announcement that there was a shooting at the school, and as a result one victim was left dead. The location of the shooting was in the electrical engineering building of the Purdue campus, which is located in Lafayette, Indiana.

According to Purdue spokeswomen Liz Evans, “The school sent the students a text, urging them to seek refuge in place,” which was sent out to students immediately after the shooting took place.

Two students reported to Journal and Courier that they head the sound of two guns shots and saw an individual run past them with what appeared to be blood on his hands. In addition, several students reported that they were welcomed to a chaotic scene following the shooting at the Purdue University that resulted in one Purdue student left dead. Purdue freshman Julissa Martinez described the situation with the following statement, “The shooter tried to get everything into order because the students were freaking out. It was a very scary experience because this is an issue that you hear about, but that you would never expect to happen at your campus.”

In addition, Martinez commented on the anxiety that the students felts do to speculation over the severity of the situation. Another student, one Saran Mishra added, “I’m still in shock right now. Whereas other students thought the incident was a joke until the found out otherwise. Kirk Choquette was one such student, and he expressed these feelings with his statement, “After the shots were fired I sat myself down and thought to myself, ok, this has to be a joke. It was at that time that a police officer came running in yelling at everyone to get out.

After the shooting, the shooter immediately ran into police, at which point he gave himself up and was taken into custody. The suspect was shown being led by police officer’s with his hands behind his back once he was detained. At this time, it has been confirmed that both the suspect and victim of the shooting were males, according to Purdue Police Chief John Cox. However, the identity of neither the suspect nor the victim has been released as of yet.  In addition, Cox stated, “It seems as if the suspect had premeditated intentions for his victim.” Furthermore, the police chief commented on how the suspect was not showing any signs of cooperating with the investigators.

While the shooting that left one individual dead was taking place, Purdue University issued a lockdown that lasted approximately two hours. Once the suspect was taken into custody the lockdown was lifted with the following statement from the school, “There is no longer an ongoing threat on the Campus. We are allowing all operations to continue as planned in all buildings with the exception of the electrical engineering building.

When the entire traumatic ordeal was final over, Evans issued a statement saying, “Obviously it is devastating to hear this report on our college campus. As a parent, I could only imagine how the parents of the students must feel. However, I hope that the simple fact that the campus has opened back up can offer parents some type of relief. After a tragic shooting that resulted in one dead, the students and faculty at Purdue University will be offered counseling related to the matter.

By Aaron Weis

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