South Africa Defense Forces a Threat to Democracy

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Any democracy can only survive if it has a well established and powerful military force, and South Africa is no different. The South African National Defense Force (SANDF) is a threat to democracy, however. The size of the Defense Force is a small percentage of that of the United States (US) forces, but with three times the number of generals. Clearly this is a case of more chiefs than Indians.

The SANDF is seen as a personal piggy bank long before the 1994 transition to democracy by many people. Since the times when the Daphne submarines were built by Chantier Naval Atlantique from France whence Portugal, South Africa and Pakistan were supposed to be the anchor clients. This was all completed with the United Nations embargo against South Africa in respect of weapons.

It was most intriguing to note the silence from the side of the National Party (NP) during the time of the Arms deal Transaction disclosures. It was alleged that the spokesperson for the NP on Defense had his family involved in executing contracts for the military. He appeared unusually sensitive to the fact that any criticism handed by him would be construed as being negative by the African National Congress (ANC) Government and could lead to the cancellation of these contacts for his family.

In the New Generation Arms Management (NGAM) story about the missing Dillon Minigun and the other weapons, all the allegations raised by Vanessa Du Toit from the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC) are proven as false. In her own affidavits, the documents which she attached proved her malicious slander. It has been clear that it was her intention to slander Erasmus and NGAM. Criminal charges had been laid by Erasmus against her as well as all the other persons so implicated. Erasmus is known as a no nonsense operator with a track record remarkably few can equal. He had pointed out how that the journalists had gone out of their way to slander him, especially journalists such as Erica Gibson from News 24 – an ex Military Intelligence Officer and Jacques Pauw, a vindictive person working for an Intelligence Operative by the name of George Darmanovitch who lives in Johannesburg. Erasmus has revealed that in a contract from Armscor for the delivery of East Block weapons. Can this be detected as a threat to the South African democracy.

For the South African Special Forces (SASF), that despite numerous attempts at sabotage from Armscor and SASF, Erasmus and his black partners delivered. However, there is still a serious issue at play until today as Armscor continues to defer the payment due for over a period of two years. It would seem as if Erasmus and NGAM are being punished for delivering despite all the odds and sabotage they had to endure.

When Armscor and SASF could not succeed in destroying this company they linked them to the Boeremag, a fictitious organization created by the South African Police Service’s (SAPS) own Crime Intelligence division (CI).  Erasmus views this as a terrible injury and is pursuing this issue as the originators of this nonsense are nothing else but criminals in his view. This issue will be addressed in a further article as to the threat against democracy as to the lack of the SAPS fulfilling their mandate. Not only this, the SASF management and Armscor had given to The SA Revenue Service (SARS) a totally fabricated story as to alleged income Erasmus and NGAM had received. SARS dutifully raised a false assessment and claimed monies from NGAM and Erasmus which they had not even received as yet.  SARS is relying on draconian tax legislation. Erasmus is not taking this lightly and has lodged criminal charges against all these parties as well as SARS on behalf of himself, NGAM and his partners.

The SANDF is a hot spot of considerable corruption. Erasmus is intensely pragmatic about it and said that one cannot be a Don Quichote in charging windmills but one have to deal with reality and tack one’s sails against the wind. The SANDF poses a threat to the democracy of South Africa and in particular how the defense industry continues to operate.

Erasmus refers to a company called Unionlet, a British registered arms company that operating out of Dubai. This company also holds the FN representation from Belgium. (Fabrique Nationale which manufactures high quality weapons.) In conversations with the Office for Serious Economic Offences (OSEO), in the United Kingdom, about the supply of weaponry by Unionlet to SASF at nearly double the going prices, it was surprising to note that the OSEO was extremely reluctant to delve into this company. The question was asked if this company was a front for the British MI6 or just working closely to the representation? (MI6 is the British Foreign Intelligence Service also known as the Secret Service). No response was forthcoming. This happened when South Africa was the largest user of such FN rifles and is suspiciously flimsy. In the book, ‘The Shadow World’, by Andrew Feinstein and his delving into the Arms Trade, much is related to the role of OSEO and their investigations into British companies in the defense industry.

In the South African situation, the Defense Industry is regulated by Act 41 of 2002. Through this Act, different structures of the State must regulate the industry. The National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC) and the Directorate Conventional Arms Control (DCAC).

The NCACC is a Cabinet committee which is chaired by Minister Jeff Radebe, Minister of Justice and supposedly an opponent to President Jacob Zuma with smoldering presidential aspirations. The DCAC is being run by a certain Dumisane Dladla, a relatively young man who sits in a Chief Director’s position in the Department of Defense. The DCAC falls under Secretary of Defense. There is considerable frustration in the industry as permits are delayed; companies find themselves not being able to deliver timorously of foreign contracts. This behavior is a  threat to democracy in South Africa.

An illustration of the treat to democracy is that during December 2013, a company was required to export Armored Personnel Carriers (APC’s) to an African client by air. Their permits had been delayed for almost the better part of a year. In December, their permits came through, and they had to meet with Vanessa Du Toit at the NCACC in this regard. Allegedly the meeting was to take place on a Friday. The company’s representative arrived punctually for the meeting with Du Toit, whence he was informed that she had gone to collect her brand new government subsidized vehicle. This delay by Du Toit while the planes were on standby at a local airport is an expensive exercise. The company approached the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on an urgent basis, and they were granted an order compelling the NCAS to provide the relevant export permits. This was done on the Saturday with the goods flying the Sunday.

Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP) is a Division of Denel (The state owned armaments manufacturing company). PMP’s CEO is Phaladi Phetje, and its Business Development Manage is Victor Khasapane. A rifle called the Neopup was developed by Tony Neophyto, a brilliant weapons designer. The Neopup is a shotgun on steroids as it fires six rounds in 20×42 mm. This calibre was specifically developed by PMP based upon Neophyto’s design. The marketing of the weapon was bedeviled by one Fats Lazarides, owner of the Ocean Basket chain of restaurants. Lazarides are the obvious culprit in this scheme that went belly up. Apparently Phetje is a five percent shareholder in the company Neopup (Pty) Ltd, despite him earning an income from the state at PMP. There was also an agreement between Phetje on behalf of PMP that Neopup would garner a commission on all ammunition sales from PMP in this regard. However, due to Lazarides, as a fish and chips man, underestimating the costs of such a venture, the venture grounded to a halt due to his refusal to pump more money into it. Meanwhile, PMP had sold three of these weapons to the USA. They were now stuck with an order and no manufacturer. They approached engineering firms in and around Pretoria to manufacture these weapons. However admirable the engineering firms are they apparently are not accredited with the NCACC. The same NCACC whose Vanessa Du Toit raised false affidavits against NGAM and Erasmus. Different strokes for different folks.

PMP was also mentioned in the First Consult report into irregularities in 2005. In this review NGAM and NGA, the company of Ivan Monsieur who was assassinated in 2009, they complained about the export of seventy million rounds of redundant ammunition to Industriepark Spreewerk Lubben Germany. There were massive irregularities in this contract, and the then Minister of Defense, Terror Lekota’s name was mentioned. Lekota was always a Thabo Mbeki ally and is currently the leader of one of the struggling opposition parties, The Congress of the People (COPE).

Smuts Ngonyama is also a member of this party. He is known as one whilst still member of the ANC (The Ruling Party) when he gained R120 million income out of the Telkom privatization, he stated “I did not join the struggle to become poor”.

In the First Consult report, the issue was that it was a professed government to government contract between Jordan and the RSA. The question is as to whether the Cabinet at the time even knew about it. Yet, another government to government contract has now come to light. This time between the RSA and Senegal.

The main player in this issue is Francis Brand from OSPREA (Pty) Ltd. In this regard OSPREA is to be instrumental in supplying the Senegalese with some 28 Rooikat (Lynx) Tank killers.

The Rooikat is an impressive vehicle except that it suffers from a lack of support due to its advanced electronics. It is also fitted with a 76 mm gun where the round fired, travels at a speed of 1 600 per second. With a tracer one can see the round over a 2000m distance, as a blink – that’s how fast it is! The gun was originally built by Oto Melara from Italy as a naval gun. The gun cannot shoot straight, and a report was compiled by Denel around 2003 for Armscor into the problem and how to solve it. Until today, this report has been shelved by Armscor. The function of this gun from its design was never to shoot straight, and it was to be used on the sea in an anti-aircraft role.

OSPREA has now managed to sell this Rooikat via a so called government to government contract to the Senegalese who clearly have no clue as to what they are in for.

The sordid tale continues, whenever and wherever one touches on the SANDF, there is always something surprising. As a Defense Force, the SANDF is a disgrace to all South Africans, except perhaps for those few who are retiring as billionaires (on a state salary!) from the SANDF. This is a real threat to the democracy of South Africa. As long as the defense industry escalates out of control, there will never be consensus.

By Laura Oneale


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7 Responses to "South Africa Defense Forces a Threat to Democracy"

  1. JH   January 28, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    Touched a nerve there we see. Sorry but we no longer wish to comment on a white afrikaans speaking narcissistic pathological liar’s fiction. Maybe Mr Erasmus is indeed correct – look at the documents he so willingly publish and distribute to all and sundry. It is all about interpreting that which you read in the context you see it. It’s such a farce!

    • Johan Erasmus   January 29, 2014 at 7:01 am

      The Intelligence services and their little games!!
      Yes have a look at the documents.
      Permits that exist that according to the idiots such as you, the faceless oracle from these criminals now wants to interpret such. It’s not about interpretation it’s about reading. Of course truth is stranger than fiction!
      Just a point to ponder, the little bots are busy tracing you; watch out for the blue lights when they come to arrest you! A thief you and your ilk are – your days are numbered, what size would you like your orange overall to be?

      • Johan Erasmus   February 8, 2014 at 7:32 am

        OMG!!!!! Have anyone read the latest BS this Erasmus character wrote????? Are you sane???? Do you have an IQ whatsoever???? No, you must be brain-dead to write such slander, such libel, such BS!!!! Are you alive, do you exist cause if you do you are one sick SoB.


  2. JH   January 27, 2014 at 9:23 pm

    Some questions the educated person may find worth asking.

    Did Erasmus attend the 19 Dec Armscor meeting?

    Has he not been refused entry to the Armscor premises?

    How’s the slander being dished out but not good at taking the truth?

    Leaking info but not attending an alleged meeting of Armscor and knowing what was supposedly said?

    Who is he afraid of? Going the public slander route instead of court? Oh yes, the white afrikaans speaking male judges! What is Erasmus, not also a white afrikaans speaking male?

    Why does he call himself “lord of war”?

    Big boy not having had enough toys when he was little? Now wanna play with big guns in the big boy league?

    • Johan Erasmus   January 28, 2014 at 6:54 am

      Did Erasmus have to attend the meeting to know what’s going on?
      On what basis was he refused entry to a public entity’s premises? Was he found guilty of anything? No , but he is victimized and demonized – by backstabbing brown nosing Afrikaans white male low life’s!!
      The truth are in the documents, why don’t you put your name and cell phone forward you gutless so and so? Because you always were and always shall be gutless, low life , an excuse for the vile extremes of humanity!!

      Please, I do not profess to be an Afrikaner. The Afrikaners were always a creation by the National Party politicians to serve as voting fodder. Pragmatism and reality have never been a trait of these people. Ich bin nicht ein Afrikaner!
      I am an Afrikaans speaking South African – an Afrikaner has no culture , no leadership , but those like YOU are without a doubt part of the South African Freemasons , which is totally different to the British Freemasons. Hey Mister, you with the big red ring on your left hand – show your face , or are you just another surrogate mercenary on behalf of your masters? Stealing has become a trait of this group , contracts , business , how many people were entrapped by these people in order to have them locked up in order to steal their business? How many were murdered?
      The difference between you and me little man is that I am not afraid to stand up , never has been , never will be! Toys? You guys could never lay your hands on such – we delivered despite you and your ilk sabotaging us every step of the way. Interesting information you have on hand – got this from the illegal monitoring of our communications?
      Big boy league? You are all alive because of Erasmus . Talk to me when you understand what it means. How many of your people have survived landmine explosions in an APC? If you know the answer and the reason why , then you may perhaps elucidate on such knowledge .

      You do not know what’s happening , you will find out – and any attempt on my life again will be met with a reaction none of you had ever dreamt of!
      The meetings on a Friday at the old house where Madiba used to live in Sandton , where the drinks flow and decisions are made as to who should garner which contract must be investigated by the Minister. All the generals and which Ministers?

      In conclusion , the public forum is what’s keeping me alive. As today I can still report that my office is monitored by elements of Crime Intelligence – who by the way when confronted admits to such!
      What medal will you be awarded? Gallantry? Bravery ? Stupidity?

  3. Johan Erasmus   January 23, 2014 at 6:24 am

    Where did Erasmus mention R 17 million? Somebody has inside info? SARS , why are you leaking information?

    Armscor owes NGAM in excess of R 91 million and counting.

    Armscor and SFSA sabotaged the delivery of the weapons , which despite such sabotage was delivered , not thanks to white people , but thanx to black comrades!

    NGAM was damned if they did and damned if they did not . They delivered , which is more than can be said for Armscor and Denel!!

    Armscor on 19 December 2013 admitted in a meeting in their offices that they had short paid NGAM!

    Col Smit ( the overpromoted motor mechanic) admitted in court papers that he was under instruction to negotiate behind NGAM’s back with their suppliers and that NGAM could garner a 5% commission. A salaried civil servant becoming involved in business affairs.
    For 6 years prior to this tender , Armscor and SFSA could not obtain these weapons . Why ? Because of their attitude , their mistaken belief that the RSA is an International role player . South Africa is a drop in the ocean when it comes the International arena.

    The 15 soldiers died in CAR was because they were outgunned as the weapons imported were still lying in Naboomspruit under SARS lock and key as Armscor did not pay the duties.

    Just to show the uselessness of these afrikaansspeaking low life’s at Armscor- the weapons were delivered at the latest on 31 October . They raised penalties against NGAM for late deliveries whilst the Letter of Credit stated latest delivery 30 November. NGAM demanded to be shown proof that the calendar was modified to show that November came before October . The only reaction was a letter confirming that the so called penalties had been waived!!

    Not only this but it took Armscor 397 days to open a Letter of Credit from the date of the closing of the tender. More than a year !! Which supplier will still and hold his prices firm in an ever-changing world?

    SARS is the biggest most corrupt institution in the RSA. Yet , they are cloaked in draconian laws which are abused. Just recall how many people recount tales of money being taken from their bank accounts by SARS and what a struggle to retrieve it – a sure sign of a bankrupt country! In this regard according to the late Ivan Monsieur , a guy by the name of Raymond Lala is very instrumental in SARS. His wife is the sister of the SA Reserve Bank’s governor. Lala was previously head of Crime Intelligence. This is the same Lala whose name used to be Peter Patel and who changed it. Why?

    SARS had raised a fictitious assessment , the problem is that Armscor and SFSA personnel are making affidavits on the basis that they are stand up citizens. The only standing up here is the fraud committed at these entities , the state’s organs are not competent to shut down this corruption.

    Its time to launch all these issues on an International forum and call for the arrest of these criminals!!

    Enough is enough!!

  4. JH   January 22, 2014 at 9:57 pm

    But did Erasmus not elsewhere claimed he did indeed get an Armscor tender awarded and did deliver the weapons to the SANDF? Is that not why SARS is claiming R17 mil + from him? How will they do that if he did not generate income? Yet more contradicting stories by this “poor victim”. Let him bring all the charges against everyone cause then we will know the truth and will probably not read anything posted here again.


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