South African Arms Dealer and the Culpable Homicide Charge

South African Criminal Charges

South African arms dealer Johan Erasmus has laid charges of culpable homicide against the government and other prominent individuals. Erasmus, a director of New Generation Arms Management (Pty) Ltd (NGAM), is accredited with the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC) under Act 41 of 2002, according to which they are allowed to operate in conventional weapons such as war material.

The criminal network on behalf of which Vanessa Du Toit had acted and abused the state’s resources is taken seriously by Erasmus. He dealt with the fraud committed by Armscor (the leading arms manufacturing company of South Africa). Erasmus signed an affidavit and started legal proceedings against people who have ignored his caution in the past.

Charges of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, reckless and negligent trading, theft, victimization and intimidation, creating a risk for national security and culpable homicide are the main charges issued.

The charge of culpable homicide is in respect of the troops that died in Central African Republic (CAR). It is alleged Armscor did not pay the Import duties for weapons brought into the country, and this delayed the transfer of weapons to CAR. This resulted in the troops not having access to these weapons and ammunition, which left them completely outgunned.

The South African National Defense Force (SANDF) has, according to Erasmus, neglected to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the country’s troops. The Secretary of Defense, Dr. Sam Gulube, has not taken a stand against this excessive corruption and negligence which led to the deaths of the South African troops in CAR.

The following individuals of Armscor have had charges brought against them. The Chairperson at Armscor, General Mojo Motau; The Acting CEO at Armscor, Mr. Sipho Mkwanazi; The CFO, Mr. JG Grobbelaar; Mr. Dawie Griessel, Mr. Wollie Wolmarans, Mr. Dolf Bester, Mr. Willem Roberts (legal advisor); Mr. Meshack Teffo (legal advisor) and Mr. Andre Els (Financial Department). This is in conjunction with charges against Du Toit for her role in the negligence.

Erasmus, a South African arms dealer, is in possession of documents proving that negligence and more importantly the ongoing fraud and corruption within these departments continues. According to records, General Shoke Chief of SANDF was appointed after his suspension was lifted. He was suspended in terms of an IT contract which proved to be irregular and implicated junior officers who had bought game farms and receiving expensive cars as gifts.

Charges have also been brought against General Simphiwe Nyanda, the former Chief  of SANDF, who was appointed by the majority of these people who are incriminated in alleged corrupt activities. He is referred to as an incompetent soldier who wears the SANDF uniform. Brigadier General Maphwanya, SA Special Forces (SASF), Colonel R Coetzee (Doybie), and Chief of Staff SASF, are also implicated as part of the charges.  Colonel DBT Smit, a motor mechanic who now directs research for SASF and sets the tone for the SANDF in respect of equipment, is regarded as an arrogant and influential member of the criminal network within the military realm of the country.

Included in the no nonsense approach by Erasmus, he has brought to book General  Shilubane, since retired, and one of the main instigators of the unwarranted persecution of NGAM.  It is alleged that Shilubane has intimate knowledge of the Gaddafi billions.

Investigations of smuggling of weapons into South Africa have been issued against NGAM by Colonel Ngobeni, which, according to Erasmus, is a complete fallacy. Ngobeni is seen to have been implicated when he demanded part of the settlement, which has never been negotiated.

Other companies that have shown to be a source of serious concern and prompted the legal action by Erasmus are the National Conventional Arms Committee (NCACC), who is involved with the other members who have charges against them.

The Minister of Justice, Jeff Radebe is the Chairperson of this Committee. Erasmus alleges that most of the corrupt activities within the Defense Force can be laid in front of his door. Radebe is also the same person providing protection to Du Toit, the Director Compliance NCACC and the creator of malicious and totally untrue affidavits.

Surprisingly, Du Toit married Matie Du Toit, a former Chief of Staff of the late January Masilela. Masilela was the former Secretary of Defense. Mr. Du Toit was instrumental in handling relations with Integrated Convoy Protection (Pty)Ltd where the three Masilela brothers were integrated and subsequently no problems were encountered relating to the issuing by permits (for import of weapons) by the NCACC, thereafter. Conversely, after Masilela’s death by assassination, the company’s problems in respect of import permits from the NCACC recommenced.

A lot of other influential people has been implicated in the charges brought upon by Erasmus and the outcome could turn into a nightmare for the players involved.

Erasmus, the South African arms dealer,  has signed affidavits referring to the incidents of criminal activities against these members of society and has approached the South African Police (SAP) to investigate as a matter of urgency.

Erasmus has complained that all his communications have been intercepted since asserting action against these departments. His telephones have been tapped, and it is assumed that all people who communicate with Erasmus will discover interception of their devices.

Erasmus is not holding back the punches this time. He intends to pursue his legal battle with the South African military departments until the light of justice shines. The corrupt and underhanded tactics displayed by prominent people must be stopped. The military is an essential security structure of the country and cannot afford to run on fraudulent and corrupt mechanisms.

Erasmus refers to Act 12 of 2004, also known as the Act for the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities, and it is under this act that he has instituted the criminal charges. He has stated that he has not been afforded a response by any of the implicated persons. He condones the fraudulent actions including those of Members of Parliament who have ignored the call for justice.

Erasmus, a South African Arms Dealer, will continue to fight the battle of corruption and has indicated that his charge of culpable homicide against the military is just the beginning. There are many more elements that must be disconnected before the corruption can be dismantled.

By Laura Oneale


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  1. Peter   January 23, 2014 at 12:58 am

    Eish broer, looks like you are standing alone, only 3 of us reading this crap and not one committing to you.

  2. JH   January 22, 2014 at 3:19 am

    Mr Erasmus, why not tell the truth? You are not a reputable arms dealer you are merely trying to divert attention away from yourself, are not accommodate by SA press anymore and do not have a single cent to initiate civil action that’s why you are employing public slander tactics. May you readers and or sympathizers learn the truth in days to come about you.

  3. Johan Erasmus   January 20, 2014 at 6:45 am

    Threats and all , we must overcome . Remember the evil that men do ( and women too) can only lead to more problems for the majority of solid citizens in any society.

    I have taken a standpoint , it is time . Who stands with me?

    Johan Erasmus

    • Johan Erasmus   February 8, 2014 at 7:33 am

      OMG!!!!! Have anyone read the latest BS this Erasmus character wrote????? Are you sane???? Do you have an IQ whatsoever???? No, you must be brain-dead to write such slander, such libel, such BS!!!! Are you alive, do you exist cause if you do you are one sick SoB.


  4. Martin Hedington   January 20, 2014 at 1:22 am

    For the record…

  5. Martin Hedington   January 20, 2014 at 1:18 am

    Lets just hope Mr Erasmus doesn’t meet the same sticky end that his predecessor (Ivan Monsieur) met when he went up against people like these, (and worse).

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