Tottenham Hotspur FC Takes Down Swansea City FC

Tottenham Hotspur FC

The Tottenham Hotspur FC went down into Wales on Sunday face the Swansea City FC at home, and came away with the three points. With this victory, they were able to take the fifth spot in the Premier league standings, tied with Liverpool FC in points but ranked just below on goal difference. Everton has yet to play, scheduled to face West Bromwich Albion on Monday night, but Tottenham has gained a spot for the time being. Everton and Tottenham are in similar positions, hanging around just below the top four, waiting for their opportunity to sneak up into a Champions League spot. Tottenham is certainly hoping that West Brom will be able to help them out and take Everton down on Monday night, so that they can retain their newly-attained position.

Tottenham Hotspur FCWhile the Tottenham squad started off slowly, giving Swansea several opportunities early on, they soon kicked into gear and took control of the match. Midfielder, Christian Eriksen, continued to play extremely well, managing to excel both on the defensive and offensive ends. He is one of the players who has seemed to come into his own under the leadership of manager, Tim Sherwood. Emmanuel Adebayor, who only rejoined the starting squad when Sherwood was promoted, took the lead with two of the three goals scored by the Tottenham club. The other goal was an own-goal by Swansea’s Chico. With a final score of 3-1, the outcome never seemed to be in doubt on Sunday.

Sherwood may be earning the trust of the Tottenham Hotspur FC ownership, despite their originally wanting to go down a different path to replace former manager Andre Villas-Boas. This match against Swansea City FC marks the fifth away match in a row the squad have taken. It is the first time since 1960 that they have had a similar run of away games. The players have shown their support by winning. If Sherwood is able to maintain this momentum into the second half of the season, the Spurs have a real chance of taking one of the top four spots when it all is said and done. It may require that one of the top four stumble to leave the door open for them, but that has happened enough times this season to make it more than feasible.

Swansea, on the other hand, is battling to stay out of the relegation zone. Their only bright spot on the day was the play of Wilfried Bony, who scored their only goal; at least the only goal to enter the Tottenham goal. Chico, as it happens, has scored more goals against his team than for them in his two seasons. Sunday’s was his second own-goal, and he has only one actual goal.  Bony has scored a goal in each of his last four starts, and all against the opposition. It did look early on like he might be able to challenge the Tottenham defense even more than he did, with a couple of shots just missing the mark, but with very little support from teammates, that early effort soon fell apart.

Sherwood and his squad were able to take down Swansea City, but now must look forward to a match against Manchester City next week which will be a real test. The Tottenham Hotspur FC will have the opportunity to prove they belong among the top teams. It will be difficult, but either way, it will be a match that supporters of both sides will be looking forward to with great anticipation.

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