South Africa a Failing Democracy and Embittered Outrage at Abuse

South African Arms Dealer

South Africa and the failing democracy have caused an embittered outrage at abuse of powers. The direct connection with corruption by people in powerful places infuriated an arms dealer with the constant manipulation and an attempt to defraud his company. The director of New Generation Arms Management (NGAM), Mr. J Erasmus, has initiated criminal charges against several individuals. The direct involvement of people to deceive NGAM of contracts and undermine his business in fulfilling its obligations that can trigger a possible return value of (US) $3 Billion for the next three years.

Mr. Erasmus instituted legal action this week against Vanessa Du Toit, employed as Director Compliance at the National Conventional Arms Control Inspectorate. Previously Du Toit was the Inspector at the Directorate Conventional Arms Control (DCAC).

Mr. Erasmus submitted an affidavit to the legal entities. He stated that Du Toit compiled an affidavit on August 12, 2012, which resulted in the HAWKS (the special unit of the South African Police) to take action against the directors of NGAM. Erasmus claimed that the direct result of this malicious and criminal affidavit caused adverse affects against his company.

Erasmus claimed that Vanessa Du Toit became involved in the investigations of NGAM during March 2012 and stated that there were no brokered deal between NGAM and Armscor (South African leading weapons manufacturer).

NGAM contracted with Armscor to import a Dillon Gun from America to the military department for demonstration purposes, and this weapon is labeled a weapon of mass destruction. The government of South Africa has seized this weapon and its whereabouts are unknown. Du Toit mentioned in her signed affidavit that she had inspected the Dillon gun and issued instructions to expedite the import for demonstration purposes knowing that NGAM had brought the consignment into the country. It appears that Du Toit colluded with colleagues to ignore the NGAM contract and use this weapon into South Africa for selfish gain. In the process of sabotaging the responsibility of NGAM, they committed fraud and obstruction of justice in supplying the authorities with fraudulent/false statements and information.

It was obvious that Du Toit took drastic measures to deny that the order was not part of an Armscor contract, and in direct contrast to the request of Special Forces expressing the desire for a demonstration of this weapon. Erasmus is in receipt of all the required documentation from Armscor and Special Forces regarding this import.

The whereabouts of the Dillon gun remains unknown to NGAM, although it is suspected that Denel (South African Armaments Company) are in cahoots with the disappearance. It is alleged that the weapon is being used in reverse engineering, a process of dismantling the equipment with the purpose of making a copy.

Depending on the South African Police to investigate this illegal activity remains a constant outrage for Erasmus. The intricate tangle between the military departments of South Africa proves to be difficult to disentangle with the vast amount of people connected to a web of corruption. From top government positions to the security guard, there is always someone looking after the interests of this lucrative trade. People like Vanessa Du Toit, who is part of the corrupt sector, do little to justify the democracy of South Africa.

The young democracy of South Africa is failing at an alarming rate, and the embittered arms dealer remains outraged at the continuous abuse by the military departments. The corruption soars out of control. Influential people placed in prominent positions have a direct impact on the upward trend of corruption. As the continued fraud continues to escalate, the people involved become so tightly bound in a maze of lies that it is almost impossible to identify the truth.

Editorial By Laura Oneale


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  1. Johan Erasmus   February 8, 2014 at 7:34 am

    OMG!!!!! Have anyone read the latest BS this Erasmus character wrote????? Are you sane???? Do you have an IQ whatsoever???? No, you must be brain-dead to write such slander, such libel, such BS!!!! Are you alive, do you exist cause if you do you are one sick SoB.


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