Quentin Tarantino a Victim Ready to Fight Back With His Next

TarantinoTarantino’s trust has been shattered by a mole on his team believed to be one among six. The script of a western movie which Tarantino had planned to make soon has been leaked online by the mole and Tarantino may never get past this injustice done to him by someone close.  Tarantino is not someone to give up and is ready to fight back with his next movie.

The screenplay of the movie which was named The Hateful Eight was distributed among six people who included actors Bruce Dern and Tim Roth. Tarantino, however, absolves them of any blame and has indicated that the agents of his actresses could be responsible for this leak.

The shocking news is that he may never make the movie and has completely dropped all plans to work on it further. This development would be a huge disappointment for Tarantino’s die-hard fans who were eagerly awaiting his next movie, after Django Unchained, to be announced.

Tarantino added that the course of the events and the leak has greatly depressed him. He had only completed the first draft of the script and was planning to start filming of The Hateful Eight somewhere around next winter season.

The script would have been distributed among the six associates for initial discussion and for finalizing some important aspects of the filming as well. The leak has definitely left a disturbing trail for Quentin Tarantino and he should immediately seek justice at least for the sake of his hard work.

His fans, who are also feeling that it is unfair to make Tarantino a victim of mistrust, are delighted at the news that Tarantino is already on to his next script and will fight back this low-point stage of his career.

Not all is lost for The Hateful Eight though as the publishing route for the script stays open. Tarantino is planning to hold talks with a few publishers to look for a possible outlet to put out his story in the form of a book.

It could be either in a form of an illustrative comic book or a full-fledged novel which would be able to give the story its due credit.

Thankfully, apart from the leaked script Tarantino has a stock of almost ten scripts to rummage through and convert into a full-fledged movie. Initial reports also suggest that 77-year-old Bruce Dern remains in the scheme of things for Tarantino and will surely find a meaty role in the new movie.

Although Tarantino, a two-time Oscar winner, is not new to leaks this full script leaking online surely has dented his confidence in his associates. It has depressed him to an extent of feeling that if he is unable to trust his close associates how is supposed to even make a film.

The publishing route may not be the most desirable stand taken by Tarantino either for himself or for his legion of fans, however at least the story of The Hateful Eight will get its due and will not fall victim to the injustice done by one mole in Tarantino’s circle. Fans are eagerly waiting for Tarantino to give a fitting reply to the mole and fight back with another blockbuster of a story for his next movie.

By Daris Abraham

Huffington Post

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