Kesha Almost Died From an Eating Disorder


Kesha checked into rehab earlier this month because she almost died from an eating disorder. Kesha’s mom, Pebe Sebert, stated she watched her beautiful and self-confident daughter be ridiculed and teased about her weight. Sebert also mentioned the mockery was so bad that it got to the point that Kesha wanted to kill herself. When Kesha checked into rehab the doctors reportedly told Sebert that they are surprised that she is still alive because her blood pressure and sodium levels were very low. The doctors also said that it is a miracle Kesha has not dropped dead on stage, according to Sebert.  Sebert checked into rehab with her daughter in order to deal with the stress resulting from Kesha’s situation.

According to Sebert, Kesha has always struggled with weight issues, since her school days, but it was not until Kesha signed with producer Dr. Luke and former manager David Sonenberg that she began to feel pressured to lose weight. Sebert recalled a conference call Kesha had with her former manager when suddenly Sonenberg began screaming for Kesha to lose weight and he didn’t care how she did it. Sebert says that he even suggested that Kesha take drugs, stop eating or stick her finger down her throat to vomit. Afterwards, Kesha was reportedly weeping and drove around contemplating killing herself.

While Sonenberg had reportedly been upfront with Kesha about her weight, Luke’s sarcasm was more subtle but still disrespectful. For example, he would ask Kesha if she considered running to lose weight faster. Sebert said her daughter was doing everything she could think of to lose weight and still be healthy, however, the pressure was too great to bear and that is when Kesha first became bulimic.

Both Luke and Sonenberg have denied Sebert’s allegations. Luke said in a statement that he gives Kesha his absolute support and wishes for a quick return to good health. He also stated it is unfortunate for Sebert to stir up allegations while her daughter is getting help at a treatment center.

After Kesha checked into rehab because she almost died from an eating disorder, Sebert told People magazine that her daughter is focused on getting help and does not care if she makes a record again. She wants to be happy and healthy. Sebert also noted once her daughter is healthy and out of rehab, Kesha wants to bring awareness of the dangers of eating disorders by using her eating disorder battle as a platform for that message.

The pop star has received tremendous support from her fans. Kesha’s Twitter page exploded with tweets from fans wishing her well and a speedy recovery. Kesha reportedly had a friend respond to the tweets since she doesn’t have access to Twitter. Kesha relayed how  she is overwhelmed to the point of tears by all the love, letters and support. In addition, she promised her fans she will be back soon and better than ever. Kesha also could not believe her song Timber featuring Pit Bull is still number one in the iTunes chart.

Earlier this month Kesha checked into rehab because she almost died from an eating disorder. Reports say the pop star will be in the treatment facility for 30 days.

By Bridget Cunningham

Daily Mail
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