Real Housewives of Atlanta First Husband Faces Fraud Charge Again

Real Housewives of Atlanta's First Husband Adds Fraud t

The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s, Apollo Nida, is facing a charge of fraud; again. Nida is the husband of Phaedra Parks, one of Bravo’s hit reality shows’ stars. Dubbed the “First Family” by Phaedra herself, “first husband” Apollo was charged by the U.S. District Attorney’s office on January 21  for a criminal complaint. The most recent charges to be filed against Nida include bank fraud and identity theft. Though Nida appears to live on the right side of the law these days, it is no secret to Housewives fans that Nida has spent time in prison. Nida was previously convicted of federal racketeering related to auto title fraud. He was imprisoned from 2004 to 2009.

A woman named Gayla St. Julien has been reported to have named the Real Housewives of Atlanta star as an integral part of her fraudulent schemes. After a seven month investigation, St Julien was arrested in September 2013 by the Secret Service. St. Julien is alleged to have stolen identities to open up fraudulent accounts totaling close to three million dollars. St. Julien is said to be cooperating and even agreed to tape phone conversations. St. Julien claims the Real Housewives of Atlanta star “only paid her scraps” in comparison to what Apollo Nida was making off  of the schemes. She goes on to claim she was Nida’s “right hand bitch.”

A written affidavit by U.S. Secret Service Agent, Alexandre Herrera, accuses Nida of masterminding an operation which deliberately defrauded banks by cashing checks and getting loans and accounts using stolen identity information. It alleges a conspiracy in which he and others received funds from several avenues, including illegally acquired Treasury Checks.

 Despite Nida’s previous imprisonment, the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s “first husband” has always come across as respectable and remorseful of his past. The current fraud charge puts that attitude of remorse into question now.Apollo’s wife, Phaedra, is a successful entertainment attorney who obviously saw good in the felon, as they married in 2009 shortly after Nida was released from prison. They now have two young sons together. Though the Househusbands, as they are called, are not the official stars of the Housewives shows, it is always entertaining to see how they act and react to their successful wives’ life in front of the camera.

This is not the first allegation of fraud for the Househusbands. Joe Giudice, husband of the Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Giudice, currently faces forty-one counts of fraud. In the Giudice case, Teresa is also named. Though a sad situation, as the Giudice’s have four young daughters, Bravo has certainly learned to capitalize on the misfortune of their stars. Shooting of the Real Housewives of New Jersey was even changed to include some aspects of the fraud case, including court dates. At this time, the Giudices have asked for separate trials and are due back in court in April.

In the most recent episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, “first” husband Apollo appears in a fight scene.  A participant in the fight is now claiming to have broken ribs at the hands of Nida. Not only is Apollo adding fraud charges to his repertoire again, but after watching the episode he may be adding assault to the charges as well.

By  Shannon Malone

Daily News