Record Snow and Cold in U.S. Is Global Warming a Farce?

Record Snow Cold in U.S. Is Global Warming a Farce?Donald Trump declares “global warming isn’t so warm these days”. Some may think that “The Donald” thinks he is the scientific voice of reason regarding global warming being a farce and he might have even given himself a Bachelor of Science degree from his own college. Most won’t put much credence in Trump’s opinion regarding this issue (most also respect his ability to make money). When anyone sees the record cold and snow hitting the eastern part of the U.S., it makes one wonder if the global climate is really getting warmer as many are saying. Well make no mistake about it we’re not all scientists, however anyone can do a little research. Well this would be the best time to gather information pro’s and con’s to the concept that we are in the midst of a global warming event which will drastically change lives in the future.

So, who is right, the Rush Limbaughs and Donald Trumps of the world or people like President Obama and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg? Let’s stay away from the politicians and apologists and focus more on personal comfort level, which is what the typical layman, unscientific person of the world, uses as criteria in assessing climate trends following is a chart (or scale) generally summarizing recent climate events.

It is scorching hot in Australia with temperatures regularly exceeding 100 degrees.

Northern Argentina is experiencing the worst heat wave ever recorded, with at least 7 people dead and a state of emergency declared.

The 2013 U.S. heat wave was so intense it could be seen from outer space.

Arctic ice in 2013 was 5 percent below the 1981 – 2010 average.

Record Winter warmth in Germany (2013)

Hurricane Sandy.

Finland and other northern European countries received record high temperatures during the summer of 2013. Record snow and cold in eastern part of the U.S. So is global warming a farce?

January to February 2013: Europe cold snaps kills at least 650 people in Eastern Europe.

Record cold grips vast area of Asia.

Record snow for depth of snow and lateness in the season cited across central United States.

During October 2013, Rapid City South Dakota experienced snowfall which exceeded the amount of snow the city has ever recorded.

March 2013 recorded the coldest March in 7 years.

January 2013 the heaviest snowfall since 1992 was observed in Jerusalem.

Does this help? No, it only make things more confusing. Certainly the chart is not comprehensive but still it begs the question. With record snow and cold in the U.S., are we experiencing global warming or is it a farce? We will have to leave the question up to the non-political scientific community to help. It may be better if big names and celebrities like: Messrs. Limbaugh and Trump would shut up and do the same. One thing that does not take a scientific genius to figure out, as Confucius says: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” If mankind (and womankind) is in any way responsible for climate change by our carbon footprint, then it seems better to take steps toward a positive change. Trust Mother Nature’s plans as opposed to mere mortals changing our planet’s climate.

Opinion by Glen A. Davis

Channel News Asia
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2 Responses to "Record Snow and Cold in U.S. Is Global Warming a Farce?"

  1. John R. Wright, Ph.D.   January 25, 2014 at 8:26 pm

    If I were Obama I think I would skip the climate issue!

  2. John R. Wright, Ph.D.   January 25, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    I am a physical scientist (a retired university professor), but my doctorate is in chemistry. If that disqualifies me from having meaningful technical insight into this issue (and it does), then you are correct to say that politicians like Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh should step aside. However, you need to know that the way scientists obtain funding for their research projects also has a political twist to it. When I was involved as a peer reviewer, participating in grant review committees in Washington, D.C., we reviewers sat around a central table while the hosting entity was seated around the perimeter of the room. I believe I have seen the host put the kiss of death on a proposal, i.e., “We don’t want to fund that sort of thing.” Even the requests for submissions are tilted. So when I learn that “…97 percent of climate scientists believe in global warming…” I raise an eyebrow. Put people like Svensmark, i.e., the minority opinion, into the ring and let them duke it out (intellectually) with the 97 percent believers. That’s healthy science. If, as journalists, you favor the “accepted” group and squelch the others, it think it might not be to your liking not far down the road. Climate is a very complex thing, and I suspect that the hypotheses and even the so-called theoretical models are in for upsets.

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