Rihanna and Shakira All Sex In New Song [Video]


Rihanna and Shakira have just released a steamy new music video for their joint hit song Can’t Remember to Forget You that is all sex and little else. The video shows the sexy pair writhing around together on a black and white striped coverlet and grinding separately against the walls of a lavishly furnished house. The duo play up the sex kitten vibe, their costumes move between bondage swimsuits and lace and fringe ensembles that show as much skin as possible. Shakira’s red and cream number does not appear to allow for underwear. Her bare side bum flashes tantalizing through the long red fringe as she contorts her body in Shakira style. Rihanna is dressed in black with more than a hint of skin showing through. The lavish surroundings are matched with the pair smoking thick cuban cigars and cuffed in heavy gold.

Shakira is quoted as saying she wanted to merge reggae with rock, which is why she chose to collaborate with Rihanna. The song, which has a reggae beat thudding in the background, is carried by the talented voices of the twosome. Without this element, it could appear somewhat bland. The lyrics run the generic gauntlet with lines like “where he goes I’ll follow, follow, follow.” or “The only memory is us kissing in the moonlight.” But when has generic lyrics ever stopped a pop song from becoming a number one hit? However, the line that almost kills the whole rhythm of the song is, “I never met someone so different.” Its length is troublesome when matched the short peppy lines above like, “I left a note on my bedpost” which have an internal rhyme to them. Using “different” on the end of the stanza makes the word appear weakened and loose. If this song had not been released by two such superstars as Rihanna and Shakira, then it would perhaps not be the number one hit it is sure to become.

Shakira spoke fondly of working with Rihanna for the new song, saying that they were alike in many ways. She stated that the pair had real chemistry together and their alikeness sprung from similar roots as they were both basically “Caribbean girls.” She went on to say that Rihanna was the one with all the sexy moves, calling her a “sweet teacher.”

The pair also have similar interests outside of  bumps against the bedpost. Rihanna has just taken on a philanthropic role for Mac’s Viva Glam line with all proceeds donated to the Mac AIDS fund, which supports those living with aids and promotes awareness of the disease amongst young people. Shakira has her own cause The Barefoot Foundation which provides education for children in poverty-stricken areas.

Director  for the video Joseph Kahn merges the line between teenage boy fantasy and drooling head exec. He shot iconic music video The Boy is Mine featuring Brandi and Monica in 1998, another music video of two hot stars separated by a wall and experiencing the same feelings.  Kahn has teamed up with Rihanna in the past for her music video with Eminem, Love the Way You Lie. He also shot Britney Spears’ sex-fests Toxic and Womanizer. He has several music video accolades including MTV Video Music Awards, a Grammy for Eminem’s Without Me and Best Video of the Year from the Music Video Production Awards for his work on Katy Perry’s extravagant Waking Up In Vegas.

They say sex sells, so one could argue that Rihanna and Shakira are raising awareness for their relative causes in their new song. By putting themselves in lavish locations with Victoria Secret style wardrobes, all lace and luxe, and cuddling up to each other they are reminding viewers of their ultimate presence and inviting people to check out their pages, leading to extra hits for their relative causes. That is one way to look at it.

The song has already been covered on YouTube (Viewer Warning: Video contains explicit content).

By Sara Watson


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