Yoga Gets a Little Extra Love From Jill Abelson (Video Interview)

Yoga Gets a Little Extra Love From Jill Abelson

Besides yoga offering a great workout, it’s a fantastic way to stay in shape, but if the asana (poses) aren’t done properly, injuries can result. Preventing such injuries from occurring in the first place was what Jill Abelson had in mind when she wrote “Extra Love: The Art of Hands-On Assists.”

Sometimes, a “hands-on” approach is needed, to help get the pose as it should be. The correct alignment of one’s body and the assistance of a great yoga book and/or instructor can be crucial to get the greatest benefits from yoga.

Yoga expert Jill Abelson’s latest book, “Extra Love: The Art of Hands-On Assists,” was written with both the desire to promote yoga and also the aim to make it safer for people of all ages as two of its main goals. Filled with photos of how to do each asana step-by-step, the book “Extra Love” also tells readers the way to accomplish each pose with the least risk of getting injured.

Jill Abelson teaches in the San Francisco area of California, though she has studios in other cities, such as New York City. She loves tennis and was also a ballerina before she got into yoga, though Jill has been a yoga practitioner and instructor for over 20 years.

Recently, on January 31, 2014, Jill sat down and did an interview with me. I was thoroughly impressed by her insights into yoga as a form of exercise. Yoga has become a multi-million dollar industry, though very little, if any, money is necessary to gain a love and appreciation of yoga.

Yoga Gets Extra Love From Jill Abelson (Video Interview)

Have you ever wondered how yoga practitioners get into their poses?

People, as a general rule, don’t suddenly become flexible overnight, or develop the arm and core strength to do some of the more difficult asanas.

Much like with the anecdote about a violinist being asked how does one get to Carnegie Hall, the secret to doing yoga asanas correctly is “Practice, practice, practice.” Of course, you don’t want to do more harm than good, by trying to push yourself onward too fast, far, and furiously, no matter how great the temptation might be.

With the step-by-step photos and author Jill Abelson’s detailed accompanying text, you will find that getting into some of the poses she mentions might not be (quite) as difficult as they look.

Yeah, right, you might say — at any rate, seeing photos of the more complex asanas fills me with a sense of wonder and awe. What’s impossible today, I tell myself, won’t necessarily be impossible tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow.

I once felt that placing your hands flat on the floor while touching your toes, and keeping your legs and knees straight while you did so, was pretty impossible. It’s not much of an athletic feat, in the grand scheme of things; but, it had once seemed to be impossible to me to accomplish, but I can do it now.

Yoga won’t make your hair any less grey, nor take away your wrinkles, but it can definitely make you more healthy over time, and help you drop extra unwanted pounds, if you also follow a sensible diet and take the hands-on approach as Jill Abelson mentions in “Extra Love.”

Please view the video of my interview with Jill Abelson, and learn why she calls her latest book “Extra Love.” I really enjoyed talking with Jill, and I hope to get chances to interview this remarkable person and yoga instructor in even more depth in the near future! Namaste, Jill, and the readers of The Guardian Liberty Voice!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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