Samsung Galaxy S5 May Sport Iris Scanner Technology

Samsung Galaxy S5 May Sport Iris Scanner Technology

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is scheduled to be released this coming April and it may sport iris scanner technology, according to a recent report that Bloomberg came out with. The phone will be the perfect complement to the latest Galaxy Gear smartwatch version which is also expected to hit the market in April.

According to Lee Young Hee, the executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the S5 smartphone will be paired with “a Gear successor with more advanced functions.” He also said that the phone wouldn’t be as bulky as previous models.

Previous reports and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5 included that it might be debuted at the Mobile World Congress in February, but Lee suggested that the S5 won’t become commercially available until March or April, saying that “we are still targeting for release around that time.”

Lee stated that the new Galaxy S5 will have a different look than the S4, and that Samsung “will go back to the basics” with the smartphone. He hinted that the body of the S5 will change, and possibly be made out of metal.

However, Lee wouldn’t confirm if the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with an iris scanner or not, as it was still in a research stage, but he said that a lot of people “are fanatical about iris recognition technology,” and added: “We are studying the possibility.”

One rumor about the Galaxy S5 is that it will have a diamond-coated body. According to the Korean newspaper ETNews, Samsung is planning on changing the smartphone’s external design and the company’s plan to include a diamond surface treatment to the metal cases of the phones is in R&D.

The proposed diamond coating, if it is included on the Galaxy S5, will make the smartphone tougher and less vulnerable to getting broken or scratched.

However, the South Korean newspaper, ienews24, reported that Samsung will introduce a different smartphone soon after the release of the S5, called the Galaxy F, and that it would have a completely metal body. If this report proves to be true, then the rumor about diamond coating might apply to the Galaxy F, rather than the Galaxy S5.

Lee mentioned that future smartwatches will include the ability to monitor the wearer’s health through checking and keeping track of calorie intake, stress levels, and heart rate. While Lee didn’t specifically say that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch which will be released in conjunction with the Galaxy S5 will have these features, it is possible he was suggesting that it would.

Samsung wants their Galaxy S5 to be able to directly compete against the Apple 5 smartphone. The Apple 5S has a fingerprint scanner, so it’s a likely assumption that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will either have fingerprint scanning or iris scanning abilities. Also, as the Apple 5S has a metal body, it’s a reasonable guess that the Samsung S5 will have one, too. Whether or not it will be diamond coated, it will still sport a different look than the Galaxy S4, be slimmer, and have other features which should appeal to consumers and keep it competitive with the Apple 5S.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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