Miley Cyrus Face of 2014 but Not to Juergen Teller

Miley Cyrus Face of 2014 but Not to Juergen Teller

Miley Cyrus has been named as the face of 2014 by Marc Jacobs for his newest fashion line, but, not by the designer’s official photographer Juergen Teller. Both Jacobs and his business partner Robert Duffy adopted the 21 year-old singer as their muse after the two met her at Duffy’s birthday party a few years earlier in Savannah, Georgia.

Although the two men have come to think of the former Hannah Montana actress as their personal muse. Jacobs himself has said that they “fell in love” with Miley and he feels that she is very genuine. Apparently he and Duffy are very impressed with the singer’s talent, energy and intelligence.

However, Juergen Teller, who has been the men’s photographer for years doesn’t feel the same way. When he was approached by Jacobs to do the latest photo shoot with the controversial singer, he was not interested. The 50 year-old fashion designer spoke of his love for Teller’s work and how the photographer was not interested in the slightest with doing the advertisement with Miley. Cyrus may be Marc Jacobs’ and Robert Duffy’s face of 2014 but not, apparently, to Juergen Teller.

Miley worked with Jacobs during the summer of 2013 on a collectible signed t-shirt that featured the ex Disney actress nude with her breasts partially obscured by the phrase “Protect the Skin You’re In.” This was the slogan/theme for the New York University Skin Cancer Institute. The shirt was a limited edition and had been signed by both men. All proceeds for the black and white image where the performer was covering her nether regions with folded hands.

Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily, Jacobs told how he needed to get photographer David Sims to do his 2014 layout that featured the singer. Even though Teller was not “bothered” about shooting Cyrus, she seemingly did not mind working with Sims.

She posted her advertisement to her Twitter feed on Thursday January 9 with “MARC JACOBS SS14” and the picture. She also retweeted Jacobs’ original tweet on his feed which the designer posted on the same day he announced that Cyrus would be his “face for 2014.” The designer’s tweet also listed @MileyCyrus in his MF SS14 Campaign with David Sims name listed as the official photographer.

In the advertisement campaign Miley is wearing clothing. It makes sense that the performer would be in the designer’s newest line as well as keeping her tongue hidden for the photograph. Staring off into the distance with a somber look on her face she sits next to a lifeless corpse while being overlooked by another woman in the background. Arguably Miley’s latest collaboration with Walker does not fall under the same type of controversy as her 2013 single minded destruction of her Miss Goody-Two-Shoes Disney facade, but, it could still be considered as controversial.

Jacobs has stated that he loves Juergen Teller’s work. Unfortunately for the photographer, Jacobs and his partner love Miley Cyrus more and they wanted the singer for the new 2014 fashion line. The fashion designer has adopted the performer as the face of his latest collection and Cyrus managed to control her tongue and her penchant for taking off her clothes. The result deviates from the type of photos that the singer usually appears in, yet, is just as striking as her sexualized facade.

By Michael Smith



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