Samsung Group 105 Inch Curved LED LCD 4K TV Hits the CES Stage

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Well, hello sexy, where have you been all my life? This utterance of love was issued as thousands of jaws dropped when Samsung Group hit the CES stage with a mass innovative concept – a curved massive screen TV. Specifically, a 105-inch LED, LCD, new 4K, curved television. It brings the world alive with its extra wide view, panoramic concept.

Samsung Group was happy to show off the incredible device and executives were eager to share the TV will have smart capabilities. This allows users to browse the Internet while watching TV – consider those fantasy football online stats on the same massive screen the games are playing on. This takes couch potato to another level of addiction. Of course, for gamers, they would have to still depend on their current TVs, since even the newer consoles max at 1080p. The ultra high defintion (UHD) TV’s are more around 2160p – at a minimum.

The company is winning a huge battle here with innovation, the curved UHD TV is the first of its kind, in the world (LG disagrees).  Samsung Group states several sizes will become available as early as this April. Consumers can expect to have available the 55-inch, 65-inch and 78-inch models. Pricing has not been confirmed. Curious about the cost of a 105-inch Curved LED LCD 4K TV? Samsung has remained pretty tight-lipped, but rumors suggests the price-tag could be as high as $70,000.

Samsung Group 105 Inch Curved LED LCD 4K TV Hits the CES Stage
The 105-inch, Curved, LED, LCD, UHD TV

The TV replaces the aspect of home theater and truly makes it a theater in presence. Reviewers live at the event call the television a panoramic dream. From edge to edge, the screen dominates the frame and users will be enthralled by the 11 million pixels beckoning viewer to TV. The resolution of 5,120 x 2,160 provides a stunning medley of colors and watching pleasure. Some visitors in attendance witnessed some of the video feed of the city – on the TV, looked to be malfunctioning. This could be expected on a demo model and it is more than certain Samsung would tighten up the functions prior to selling their units.

With a TV this impressively large and curved, viewers in attendance had mixed feelings. Some thought the flat screen would have been a better sale, while others call the curved screen enrapturing. Samsung has developed an impeccable reputation of solid products and innovative approaches to the television set. Along with their ability to deliver a solid and in-demand smartphone, Samsung continues to show their worth to consumers.

Currently, Samsung has not announced the release date of the massively curved 105-inch UHD, 4K TV. Thrilled to expand on the promotion of the television, the electronics manufacturer invited Transformers director, Michael Bay to speak about the newest TV. The two have partnered together to expand the delivery of movie meets TV screen for Transformers 4.

Unfortunately, Bay did not practice the speech which was to scroll from a teleprompter. The teleprompter went kaput and so did Bay. Instead of just taking the concept to “wing this” as he originally stated, Bay faced one question from someone asking what he thought of TV – and he walked off the stage. Yes, just turned and left the stage, leaving the viewing audience stunned at his departure.

Bay exited the stage after  freezing in response.
Bay exited the stage after freezing in response.


Senior VP, Joe Stinziano stepped in and offered a well timed comment, “Welcome to Vegas, it’s a live show folks.” Bay did take his blog and felt how he became flustered at a live show and could not handle it well. Much kudos for him stepping up and acknowledging the mishap.

For now, fans can continue to drool over the 105-inch, curved, LED, LCD, 4K TV that hit the CES stage from Samsung Group. Looking forward to the announcement of the price and release date? Sticking to a lower model? Or avoiding altogether? Leave a comment on your thoughts.


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