Samsung Group’s Latest Technology Unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show

Samsung Group

In the world of consumer electronics, the Samsung Group is demonstrating their technological versatility in a variety of domains, unveiling their latest trends at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) currently being held in Las Vegas.

The Samsung Group has not only developed a strong foothold in the area of TVs and smartphones, but have also expanded the reach of their technological offerings to include the domain of home appliances, such as ovens and refrigerators.

Samsung’s Chef Collection Range – Demonstrating Versatility

The Samsung Chef’s Collection, created with the support of a culinary thinktank, includes technological tweaks dedicated to improvements in the kitchen, covering the arenas of ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers. According to CNET, their oven “can cook two separate foods at different temperatures.”

The Samsung Chef Collection refrigerator is created with ease in mind, adapting the fridge to fit pans that at-home chefs can take directly from the fridge to the stove, along with a multitude of built-in shelves that bring to mind a hyper-efficient storage space.

Their dishwasher provides a WaterWall technology, which USA Today credits them “bragging rights for being first” in delivering a water wall spray that moves within the dishwasher, providing more thorough coverage throughout the dishwasher.

Meet The Jetsons: The Smart Home Has Arrived

What was considered mind-bending back in the 1960s is now a reality. One of the Samsung Group’s latest technological feats unveiled from the international CES conference is the Smart Home technology, where all the home appliances and devices are in control by the owner. These are controlled through a plethora of command platform options, including TV, smartphone or wearable devices.

Samsung Group’s Humble Beginnings

The Samsung Group has come a long way since its humble beginnings. In fact, the Samsung Group, before unveiling their latest technological feats at the annual CES Conference, started off a long way away from the field of technology.

In its formative years, the business, according to Samsung’s website, was geared towards exporting and selling dried goods – primarily fish, vegetables and fruit – to other countries. By 1970, they had started producing black and white TVs and launched in the retail market by 1972. It was in 1974 that they began production of washing machines and refrigerators. Their landmark year was in 1976, when they successfully produced one million TVs.

They began producing personal computers in 1983, and the Samsung Group’s technological ambition could already be seen by the mid-1980s, when they produced “the world’s smallest, lightest 4mm video tape recorder,” according to their website. Since then, their technological prowess has been recorded through producing products that have proved themselves to be significantly ahead of their time.

And now, the Samsung Group is selling one out of every three smartphones. As the smartphone market reaches a point of near saturation, they are already exercising their muscle in exploring alternative business routes, mirroring their historic business performance since inception. Bloomberg points out, the Samsung Group is now looking into focusing their technology into automotive navigation and entertainment systems within vehicles. Whatever the Samsung Group’s focus is on for the year ahead, bets will be on the fact that the next year’s CES conference will be a definitive event for them in unveiling their latest technology to expectant crowds.

By Joscelyne Yu



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