Miley Cyrus Is a Strategic Genius [video]

Miley Cyrus teams up with Marc Jacobs in another strategic move.Miley Cyrus is a strategic genius who fueled 2013 while making millions. Many hailed her a train wreck as she stunned  MTV Awards viewers last year with what was just another brilliant marketing scheme. Miley has now teamed up with fashion designer Marc Jacobs and has no plans of slowing down.

While the world sat back in the comfort of their homes being critical Miley was busy securing her future and staging her brand. In what often takes artists years to do Miley managed to rebrand herself from the cute little Disney star, Hannah Montana, to a grown up Wrecking Ball performer in less than a year. She had everyone in the media and around the world talking about her antics while she made millions. Miley, the genius that she is, made tons of money and sold millions of albums all while gaining free publicity.

Any awards show, especially those geared towards music, is a great platform to make a statement. Miley decided it would be a waste to stage a regular performance and be normal when she’d been given a major opportunity to impress viewers across a major network. Especially with a new album coming out, she concluded why not use this platform to get everyone talking about the Miley Cyrus brand. People don’t have to like it but anyone in marketing would have to admit the concept was brilliant….and it worked.

The MTV Awards was just the beginning but due to that one performance a massive amount of attention was thrust upon this young artist. As Miley continued to twerk her behind the star’s bank account continued to grow. She has an estimated value of $150 million according to Celebrity NetWorth‘s website. The genius part of her scheme is Miley received mega attention, a massive social media following and an all around re-branding that money could not buy.

Is Miley a train wreck or a marketing genius? Miley is a strategic genius that other brands could stand to take a few lessons from. People may not like the way she teasingly and promiscuously hangs her tongue from her mouth, shows up to events in the wildest attire, smokes on stage and takes multiple risks. But it’s hard to deny or even try to argue the fact that Miley has successfully captured the world’s attention.

Just when the entertainment world thought no one could generate more controversy than the perpetual trouble maker Kanye West, Miley managed to top him over the course of 2013.  Miley has grown to become one of the music industry’s most popular and divisive superstars.

When questioned about her performance, which dominated the VMAs, she responded, “I had no idea that I would be the only one to really push the envelope.” Miley thought it was hilarious that after people watched her performance not only did they say it was sexist and degrading but many thought it was racist. She said she still doesn’t understand how anyone could conclude that she was racist from her performance but says she’s not worried because she knows she isn’t racist and surely doesn’t feel like she’s degrading women.

Miley possess a level of freedom in her career that many of her peers are still fighting to obtain. The singer says she’s enjoying the journey and will continue to ride this wave. Miley has no plans of slowing down.

Miley is the latest celebrity to front Marc Jacobs. With a look of contemplation Miley poses in the designer’s 2014 Spring Ad campaign. She’s been criticized heavily in times past for her choices of look but many will agree once they’ve seen the February issues of the magazines; the star looks flawless in the new Marc Jacob ads.

When people are indifferent to one’s brand they pay no attention to them and ultimately they soon become history. Like it or not Miley has won the branding game and as long as the world keeps her name in their mouth she will remain on top.

Miley Cyrus may have been deemed a train wreck in 2013 but she proven that she’s a strategic genius that simply fueled 2013 while making millions.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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