Seattle Seahawks in 2014 Super Bowl Showdown

Super Bowl

The Seattle Seahawks, with today’s victory, will now head to the 2014 Super Bowl, and it is expected to be a good one. The Seattle Seahawks will be taking on the Denver Broncos for Super Bowl 48. The big game will be played will be played at Met Life Stadium, home of both the New York Jets and the New York Giants. The game will be played on February 2 and the tickets are already skyrocketing in price. When the playoff teams were still being decided in the brackets, ticket prices were ranging between the $1,000 to $2,600 range. Just before the conference title games today, the ticket prices were soaring to an astounding average price of $3,967. A very steep price for the average football fan.

The first team to punch their ticket in was the Denver Broncos. They beat Tom Brady and his New England Patriots with a score of 26 to 16. Denver’s Peyton Manning had one of his best performances in the playoffs to date, throwing for 400 yards and two touchdowns with no turnovers. Their defense stifled the Patriots, not allowing them to score a single touchdown until the fourth quarter of the game. The Seattle Seahawks will need to find a way to make plays on Denver’s defense, and somehow limit the impact of Peyton Manning, if they plan on having a chance in this 2014 Super Bowl showdown.

Manning will have no easy test with the Seattle Seahawks and their number one ranked defense in the league. Seattle rode their work horse, Marshawn Lynch, once again to another victory, narrowly beating the San Francisco 49ers. Marshawn Lynch ran the ball 22 times for 109 yards and a touchdown while their defense did the rest. Their all-pro corner back, Richard Sherman, tipped the ball for an interception with 25 seconds left in the game to seal the deal. In the final quarter, the Seahawks defense forced the 49ers into three fourth quarter turnovers. This will be the second overall time the Seahawks have made it to the Super Bowl. The last time was in 2005 in a loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Seattle will now turn its focus on Peyton Manning and their high-flying offense, while hoping they get a weapon of their own back in Percy Harvin to provide a spark.

It’ll be a very interesting match up between the two best teams in the National Football League this season. Both teams will have to deal with the outside elements, as this is the first Super Bowl played out in the cold of New Jersey. Tickets will be scarce and hard to find as the day approaches. Ticket prices will skyrocket to even greater heights. Both teams will be battling for that elusive Vince Lombardi Trophy. Either way, one of these coaches will finally win their first Super Bowl ring, and break the skepticism which has invaded the fan bases of both teams. February 2, 2014 will be the 2014 Super Bowl showdown between two titans in the league. Whatever the weather, this promises to be a contest for the history books. Millions among millions will be waiting impatiently to watch the epic battle begin.

by Justin Huffman

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