Second Polar Vortex on the Way?

Second Polar Vortex On the Way?

What could be a possible second polar vortex may be on the way, from how the weather is looking. It was just seeming to feel like the weather was starting to warm a bit, but that was not to last because yet another widespread band of extremely frigid cold air has begun to sweep down on the nation Monday. The temperatures are dropping to close to zero degrees in various regions of the Midwest and there are forecasts of blowing snow scheduled to hit parts of the Northeast.

This may not be quite to the extent of the renowned “polar vortex” which hit about two weeks ago. That was made up of Arctic air that shattered weather records across many parts of the nation, explained Bob Oravec, who is a National Weather Service meteorologist. This go around, the polar vortex itself, which is an extremely strong area of low pressure that typically hangs around the Arctic through the winter season, will not come down over the United States. But the cold air that surrounds it is on the way, and shows no plans of leaving anytime soon.

It was earlier this month that the first vortex hit the upper United Stated. It was reported that nearly a dozen deaths were reported due to the extremely frigid conditions.

However, meteorologists are saying the cold will not be quite as bad this time. Temperatures should remain in the teens in some areas, but they will make the air feel like it is around 10 to 15 degrees cooler. When the polar vortex struck the country around the second week of January, the temperature seemed to be approximately 20 to 30 degrees colder than it really was due to the wind chill factor.

This second outbreak will not have the extent of the brutal winds of the last outbreak,  but there will still be the coldness in the winter air.

The temperature has already fell below the zero mark in certain areas of the upper Midwest, and the temperatures there will not rise very much in the next couple of days, Oravec explained. He stated that the below-average temperatures, even on some of the regularly coldest days of the year, will head both to the south and also to the east. The snow that fails will also be staying around as well because of the frigid temperatures. The weather is going to be very cold and extremely windy for quite a while. This is going to hit a large part of the United States, so it is going to be considered an event of high impact.

However all the unusual weather will not be bringing any excitement to arid patches of land in the Southwest and West and Southwest. The forecast there shows it will stay warm and dry.

The meteorologist added that even though the last gust of body chilling cold air only stayed in the various areas for a few days, this cold pattern sweep might last over a week or more as numerous cold fronts end up taking turns controlling the different weather pattern.

A possible second polar vortex may be on the way, from how the weather is looking, and it had terrible timing.

By Kimberly Ruble


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