Select Comfort: $8,000 Bed Monitors Heart Rate, Stops Snoring

Select Comfort

Select Comfort has unveiled a new $8,000 bed at the International Consumer Electronics Show that is so sophisticated it can monitor a person’s heart rate as well as stop them from snoring.

The new bed, which is called x12, is capable of monitoring heart rate, breathing, positioning and the number of times a person gets out of bed during the night.  Its proprietary Sleep IQ technology is located inside the bed itself, so sleepers will not need to wear any cumbersome devices on their bodies while using it.  However, the data taken by the bed can be sent to a computer, tablet or cellphone if desired.

If a person wishes to stop his or her bed partner from snoring, the bed can help too.  All they have to do is hit a button on their Sleep Number universal remote, according Annie Bloomquist, their Chief Product Officer, and it will raise their partner’s head by 6 degrees to stop them from snoring, a feat which Bloomquist describes as “really neat.”

The bed also provides massages and a timer, which can used to to return the sleeper to a favorite sleep position or massage setting.  The bed can even turn out a light or allow users to create a daily journal of activities which might affect sleep, such as caffeine consumption, exercise and TV watching.

Other features of the x12 bed include being able to separately program the firmness on each side as well as independently lowering or raising either the top or bottom half of the bed.  These changes can be made either by using a remote or issuing voice commands.  Select Comfort also offers users the option of automatically-maintained temperature settings on either side of the bed.

Select Comfort has been making adjustable-firmness air beds for awhile now, but the new high-tech bed, which was co-developed with California-based medical-products company BAM Labs, is meant to capture a share of the market held by health- and fitness-conscious consumers who enjoy using devices such as heart-rate monitors to better manage their health.

At CES, where thousands of companies are showing off around 20,000 new products this week, it has been reported that Select Comfort has a particularly large space reserved for them this year in the hopes that hundreds of people will test out their new luxury bed.

Although the bed comes with a hefty price tag, starting at around $8,000 each, it could potentially be a boon for Select Comfort’s lackluster sales if it does well.  According to estimates, if each of the company’s 432 stores sells just one bed each every month, Select Comfort’s revenue would increase by 2 percent annually.

While it is unclear if the consumer market will fall in love with the x12, it was a hit at CES, garnering two CES Innovation Awards in the categories of Home Appliances and Health & Fitness.

Select Comfort will begin to the sell the $8,000 beds, which monitor heart rate and stop snoring, in pilot markets in February.  They will eventually become available nationwide.

By Nancy Schimelpfening


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