Pokemon Composer Leaves Game Freak for New Music Brand

Shota Kageyama leaves Game Freak and Pokemon

The world of Pokemon is certainly an expansive one. There are many spectacular elements that add to the experience, but the soundtrack that guides players through the Pokemon world usually leaves an impression. Shota Kageyama has been composing for Game Freak for the last six and a half years and has recently left the company to begin a new music brand. He considers his leave more of a “graduation” that will pave the path to his new endeavors.

Pokemon: The Origins

For many players this change is a bit of a sad one. Kageyama worked on Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver, Black and White, Black 2 and White 2, X and Y, along with the more recent movie, Pokemon: The Origin. His contribution has certainly added to the wonderful world of Pokemon but Kageyama has also worked on Luminous Arc and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. 

However, that doesn’t mean that Kageyama will stop making video game music. In fact, he intends to stay within the realm of composing music for video games and notes that it is not impossible for him to collaborate with Game Freak someday in the future. According to some of his tweets, Kageyama was wished well by his co-workers at Game Freak and sent off with smiles.

With six and a half years of experience under his belt, Kageyama leaves Game Freak to create his new music brand. This brand will be known as Spica Musica and will act as more of a free-lance label, working on different video game soundtracks. The future of the label will hopefully be as memorable as the soundtracks worked on by Kageyama in the past.

Described in a tweet, Kageyama said, “[Greetings] Happy New Year, everyone. I’m sorry to raise a personal matter, but I left GAME FREAK, who has been good to me these past six years and seven months, on December 31 to start a new music brand called Spica Musica.”

This change to go independent from Kageyama comes as a surprise due to the recent success of Pokemon X and Y as well as Pokemon: The Origin. The composer and arranger has been with Game Freak for so long that his skills have sharpened to the point where he is confident enough to leave the successful company and try to make is own way. It will likely be a while before Spica Musica appears on a game soundtrack due to the recent nature of the switch.

Composer and arranger Shota Kageyama leaves for Game Freak and Pokemon for his new music brand Spica Musica. The future endeavors of Spica Musica may possibly intertwine with Game Freak in the future, but for now, Kageyama has a world of possibilities to explore. The composer leaves Game Freak with a smile and a list of respectable work under his belt. If Kageyama continues to make such great music as he has in the past, Spica Musica will no doubt leave its mark on the future of gaming.

By Garrett Jutte
Nintendo Life
Escapist Magazine
Nintendo Enthusiast
Anime News Network

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