Selena Gomez Loving-Self After Bieber Breakup

Selena GomezSelena Gomez is learning about loving-self after her breakup with Bieber. In an interview with Seventeen Magazine, she discusses the aftermath of accepting the end to the romantic part of their relationship. She believes the experience of getting through the hard part of breaking up helped her to recognize her feelings of power– something the 21-year-old shares,  she has never felt prior to the breakup. The new feelings come after figuring out her value. She’s doing the work to heal after a very public, and as she describes “bad break up.”

Gomez is finding herself not only through the break up, but working on confidence issues that stem from her Disney years where she worked with Miley Cyrus and other peers like herself, who have also gone on to enjoy tremendous levels of success. During her time on the show Gomez says she wasn’t comfortable and spent a lot of time feeling intimidated, insecure, and full of self-doubt.

She is learning to enjoy being a strong young woman. As she puts it “I am powerful.” She understands the fierceness in owning who she is.

Selena Gomez has determined that guys don’t “get her.” Instead of believing she has to have a boyfriend she chooses to see herself as strong and independent. Gomez speaks like a woman twice her age when acknowledging that she knows that these traits are intimidating to a lot of guys. She maintains, that she has ideas and wants to do things to change the world. In essence, Gomez says she knows “who she is.” Vowing, that anyone not able to get with that, won’t get her.

She is over dealing with guys who cannot support her ideas and what she wants in life.

The ups and downs with Bieber ground her in standing up for herself. She says she will focus on self-love regardless of who she’s dating.   After ending things and through loving-self, she has not let the bad break up with Bieber, break her. Few women really take the time to understand who they are at 21. Most don’t get it, until they have lived a bit more.

Selena has the right attitude, and Seventeen has a readership of other young women who need to hear the message. “Loving-self and honoring the gifts” are the best things one can do.

No longer insecure,  she is sharing intimate parts of her young story. It may inspire other girls and young women.  Know that it okay to walk away if a relationship is not working, is not always easy.  Selena Gomez is showing that in letting go,  pieces of self that have lain dormant are regained. What Bieber doesn’t get, is that he won’t find his answers until he makes the effort to find out who he is. It is rumored that the two argued after Gomez tried to talk to him (as a friend concerned with his welfare) about his wild behavior and rumored substance issues. That is exactly what friends do. Selena Gomez is on the right path and loving-self after the breakup with Bieber.

By C. Imani Williams



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