Selena Gomez Trespasser Caught, Days After Bieber Arrest

Selena Gomez trespasser caught prowling days after Bieber's arrest

Police were recently called to the home of Selena Gomez to arrest an alleged trespasser, who was reportedly roaming the grounds of the singer’s property this weekend. The police were dispatched to the scene, after one of Gomez’s family members made contact with the police.

A representative for the Los Angeles Police Department informed E! News that the police had been called at around 9:34 a.m. on Saturday, in response to Gomez’s family witnessing an unidentified male roaming the premises.

The LAPD immediately responded and arrested the suspected trespasser at the Come & Get It singer’s residence, in the 19800 block of Wells Drive in Tarzana. The 19-year-old suspect, Jean Daniel Garcia, who reportedly hails from El Mirage, Arizona, was subsequently taken into custody.

Rumors have been circulating that the suspect was the same character previously arrested for stalking the star, during the second half of 2011. However, the rumors appear to lack substance, since Gomez was originally said to have been stalked by a 46-year-old male, called Thomas Brodnicki; Superior Court Judge William D. Stewart granted a three-year restraining order against Brodnicki, after the stalker, reportedly, threatened to kill Gomez while on psychiatric hold.

Selena Gomez therapy photo
Selena Gomez posts photo of herself, kicking back in the studio.

According to a police spokesperson, it is not known whether 21-year-old Gomez was at her property while Garcia was lurking at the property. Eventually, at around 11 a.m., the star posted a photo, on her various social media accounts, from a recording studio. On Instagram, the snap had the simple caption, “Therapy,” and showed the Wizards of Waverly Place star kicking back and relaxing in the studio; many have suggested Gomez is using her return to work, and the passion for her musical pursuits, as a means of coping with the arrest of her ex-boyfriend – Justin Bieber.

Bieber, once again, hit the headlines, after he was arrested for a suspected DUI and driving on an expired license, on Thursday morning. Hours before his arrest, Bieber was partying with his father at SET nightclub, at which point, the Daily Mail claims the star was already high; it is alleged that Bieber informed arresting officers that he had smoked marijuana all day, was taking prescription medication and had consumed alcoholic beverages. After payment of the star’s $2,500 bail was made, Bieber fled to Punta Chame in Panama, perhaps to escape the ongoing media frenzy surrounding his latest escapades.

Meanwhile, Selena recently cancelled the dates on the Asian leg of her Stars Dance tour, which was scheduled for January. In explaining the basis for her decision, Gomez informed her fans “… after many years of putting my work first, I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be.” Aside from taking time off to rest, Gomez has also been promoting her latest film Rudderless – a musical drama about a former advertising executive, who falls off the map following the untimely demise of his son.

Gomez was also recently spotted in public with Demi Lovato on Thursday. The Spring Breakers star also attended the Beats Music Launch Party at Belaso Theater in L.A., on Friday night. Gomez arrived with Ashley Benson, at around 10:40 p.m., and, according to reports, was in “great spirits.”

By James Fenner


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