Sleepy Hollow Proves That Supernatural Is in

Sleepy Hollow

Who would have thought that a program about Ichabod Crane fighting a headless horseman with a shotgun in the modern world would be one of the most talked about television shows at the beginning of 2014? Sleepy Hollow proves that the supernatural is definitely in.

Sleepy Hollow stars Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane, an 18th century English man who died during the American Revolutionary War in 1781,only to be resurrected in modern day. Mison is one of the main reasons why this series works, as the actor captures all the nuances of a clueless man lost in a world more advanced than he could ever have imagined.

Mison’s great chemistry with co-star Nicole Beharie as Lt. Abbie Mills is crucial to Sleepy Hollow. The two characters are linked in strange ways as “witnesses” to fight the deadly horsemen in the impending apocalypse. Both actors work very well with each other, and they make viewers care about the fate of Mills and Crane.

John Noble of Fringe fame makes an appearance in the series, and his portrayal of Henry, revealed to be Crane’s son in last night’s finale, was superb. Noble portraying the main antagonist next season is more than enough reason to tune into season 2.

Sleepy Hollow is one of a few hit supernatural themed shows currently airing on television, as the genre grows ever more popular. Last night’s season finale proves that with the right writing, nothing is too wonky for viewers.

On NBC, Grimm, a police procedural mixed with the supernatural has been a big hit for NBC. The series, set in Portland, centers around a cop who finds out he is a Grimm, a hunter who can see the true form of Wesen, various creatures that inspired the Brothers Grimm stories and other folklore. Grimm is currently going strong in its third season which can be watched on Fridays at 9pm ET.

Arguably the best supernatural show on television, yet least recognized is Supernatural, the first non-teenage type of show on the teenage network, CW. Supernatural has not been drawing the same numbers as Grimm or Sleepy Hollow, but it draws enough for the relatively small network of the CW. The show revolves around two brothers from a long line of hunters as they travel around the U.S. fighting demons and monsters and in the later seasons, sinister angels. The show is full of classic rock, butt kicking, and a right balance of humor and drama. It is now in its ninth season, and has a story line expected to conclude by the end of season 10. The writers are also planning a spin-off set in Chicago which will feature an ensemble cast.

Over on Syfy, Haven, loosely based on Stephen King`s 2005 novel, The Colorado Kid, has been giving in decent numbers for the network, now in the midst of their fourth season. The series revolves an FBI agent who is sent to Haven, Maine, to investigate a murder, only to find out that the town is home to people with supernatural abilities. Soon she finds herself in the epicenter of the troubles in Haven.

The supernatural programs will keep coming, most prominently, Penny Dreadful, which will debut on Showcase on May 11. Described as a psychosexual TV series, the show weaves together origins of various literary horror characters, such as Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster, as they deal with alienation in Victorian London. The show has many James Bond connections, with Skyfall director, Sam Mendes, and writer, John Logan, as executive producer and creator respectively. In the cast, the fourth James Bond, Timothy Dalton, stars along with Eva Green and Josh Hartnett.

Sleepy Hollow, which had 6.9 million viewers last night, proves that the supernatural is in and that a wonky premise will not scare people away. One of a few shows in a growing trend of supernatural themed network television.

By Kollin Lore

Entertainment Weekly

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