Snoop Dogg Pays Homage to Pokémon in New ‘Get Away’ Video

Snoop Dogg Pokemon

Yes, it appears that even Snoop Dogg loves Pokémon; he just released a new video in which he pays homage to the old-school version of the ever-popular video game series.

The rapper, who also goes by the names Snoop Lion and Snoopzilla, revealed the video online.  It features his newest song “Get Away” from his reggae-themed album Reincarnated.  Animator Mykola Dosenko is responsible for creating the video’s artwork.

The video features the colors of the Rastafarian flag – red, yellow and green – and refers to the made-up video game featured in it as “the red, yellow and green version,” clearly a reference to these versions of the Pokémon games.

In the imaginary game, there is a cartoon version of Snoop who travels through a town which looks reminiscent of  the older Nintendo Gameboy version of the Pokémon world.  The cartoon Snoop battles a character named Major Lazer, the artist and DJ who produced his album, when he comes across him and is offered the challenge of fighting it out using creatures who look remarkably like pokémon, including the rock pokémon Geodude.

After their characters battle for awhile they agree to join forces and the video switches to emulating classic side-scrolling shooter games as the two then hop on a hoverboard (Major Lazer) and a flying car (Snoop Dogg) and begin shooting at airborne enemies which appear in the game.  After getting blasted several times by sound from giant flying speakers, the pair shoots back and vanquishes the enemy.

The song’s music, of course, serves as an energizing backdrop for all of the action.

This isn’t Snoop Dogg’s first foray into the video game world, however.  He was recently featured as a cartoon character in an unusual trailer where he announced the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release date for Rayman Legends.  He also made an appearance in Way of the Dogg, a combat game that was released last year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS and Android.

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus, may have come by his love of cartoons through his mother.  According to IMDb, he was first dubbed “Snoop Dogg” by her when she jokingly remarked that he looked like the Peanuts character Snoopy.

While Snoop has been involved in video games recently, he is best known in the music industry as a rapper.  However, has also done some work in films, primarily related to urban drama and comedy.  He has also made headlines over the years due to his legal woes.  He had a drug conviction just prior to the start of his career, right after he graduated high school.  In 1993, he was charged with murder, but was found to be not guilty.

Whatever the ups and downs of his life have been, it is clear that Snoop has a love for classic video games, which he has amply demonstrated in his new video.

To see “Get Away,” in which Snoop Dogg pays homage to Pokémon and other classic video games, check out the Youtube video below.

By Nancy Schimelpfening


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