Sochi Olympics New Video Terrorist Threat From Islamic Chechen Extremists

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A video was posted today on a Chechen extremist site, showing two potential terrorists promising a “surprise package” for the Sochi Olympics. The two men were casually advising President Putin to withdraw forces from the the North Caucasus region, which is close to the Olympics city, Sochi.

In addition to the threat provided, the video continued to show disturbing footage. Included in the footage is the two suicide bombs that occurred in December in the city of Volgograd. This provocative move shows there is a significant tie potentially between these men and the events that transpired last month, taking dozens of lives.

The two men who appeared on the video making the threats
The two men who appeared on the video making the threats

On Monday, the Olympic torch relay is scheduled to begin and even go through the worried city of Volgograd. US Intelligence officials do not take these threats lightly. Mike McCaul, the House Committee Chairman stated that basically the former Islamist extremists leader, Doku Umarov, “called for attacks on the Olympics.”  The chairman was grim as he stated, attacks might happen on the outskirts of Sochi, especially transportation points. This is especially concerning, as Umarov was reportedly killed by Russian forces just a few days ago – resulting in heightened tensions. There are rumors advising the leader may still be alive.

The Russians want less US intervention and the two countries are at odds on how to handle the threat. US officials state they are sending smaller, armed teams to Sochi, but Russian security forces are placing a strict limit on how many. US officials are not happy with the inability to protect more of their citizens arriving into Russia for the Olympic events. The video from the terrorists depict a cold and easy approach to the thought of killing others. There have been threats from Umarov last year towards the Sochi event (video below).

The reality is the duo who displayed the video on the Chechen extremist site displayed an embracing for terrorist actions. They threatened the attack at the Olympic will be “our revenge” for the “Muslim blood that is shed.” This places tourists on high-alert as they have been named by the terrorists as targets. It is suggested to all tourists to follow any security procedures in place to ensure a safe arrival and departure.

Video of Umarov’s threat to Sochi in July 2012



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