Sochi: Winter Olympics at Risk

Sochi:Winter  Olympics at RiskThe Winter Olympics which were scheduled to take place in the Russian city of Sochi less than two weeks from now have become a  security risk. With the Winter Olympics just around the corner one would assume that this should be a time of exuberant celebration, however, this is not the case.

Rather than focusing their efforts in taking the necessary precautions that a country would in order to hold an event such as the Winter Olympics, Sochi is instead dealing with a situation that seems more like a war zone as the days go by. A situation that has citizens stationed in Sochi growing accustom to a continuous stream of nerve-wrenching threats and warnings. There have been recent reports of the athletes in Sochi reaching out to their families in order to tell them not to attend the event, as it is not worth the risks that are associated with the trip.

The risks that the athletes speak of is the developing terrorist  attacks in the surrounding Sochi area. Lead by a unfeeling militaristic terrorist group, Sochi has fallen victim to numerous raids, suicide bombing, attacks, and threats. This terrorist group has been referring to themselves as the “black widows,” and they’ve recently made public announcements that they have intentions of attacking the Winter Olympics in Sochi, which have many wondering the future of the games considering the security risk.

Even though the Russian Ambassador has released a statement stating, “I am completely certain that the Winter Olympic games that are to be held in Sochi will be free from terrorist attacks,” recent developments make this statement seem to be questionable. The possibility for plans of contingency are currently being formulated in order to evacuate U.S. citizens from Sochi. In addition, sources reported to CNN that the United States is positioning at least 2 warships into the Black Sea, and that there is a possibility that helicopters will be sent to Sochi. Furthermore, there is additional speculation that there are C-17 aircraft’s awaiting orders in Germany so that they can arrive at the scene within two hours if the situation calls for it. Also, to add an exclamatory point of how bad the situation is in Sochi, U.S Republican McCaul issued a statement saying that, “The terrorist situation in Sochi was by far the worst that he’s seen,” which leaves many questioning the fate of the Winter games.

McCaul further elaborated on this issue when he commented,” I’d hate to think of scaring people away from the Olympics. By not supporting our teams and being in attendance during the game, the terrorists are at that point essentially winning. This is something that can’t go overlook, as that is their purpose. Although, this is the worst threat I’ve seen to date due to how closely these terrorists have located themselves near the Olympic town.” Furthermore, McCaul has voiced his opinion on how Russia could increase their security measures by escalating such measures as military rations, intelligence, and technology, and yet Russia continues to oppose his guiding words. So, with the terrifying security risk in Sochi the future of this years Winter Olympics has become questionable.

By Aaron Weis

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